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Getting Desperate - February 1

One month after I got off of birth control pills, I had an episode of severe pain in my cervix a little over a year ago. I went to the emergency room and i was told I had Cervicitis (but unfortunately I was out of town at the time and the hospital was very run down and I'm afraid i may have been misdiagnosed or something to that effect). They tested for all STD's because they said that Cervicitis is sometimes caused by STD, but all test results came back negative. I haven't had any more pain like this in my cervix, but after 14 mos. of TTC, I have yet to get pregnant. Does anyone know anything about Cervicitis and/or its effect on fertility?


Getting Desperate - February 7



Hope this helps - February 14

Cervicitis can cause you trouble conceiving because the enlarged cervix makes it harder for sperm to travel through the cervix, and up through the uterus into the fallopian tubes. This doesn't, however, mean you are sterile, or infertile. Though, cervicitis is usually caused by some underlying condition, it may be best to get to another doctor to get checked out and make sure that this cervicitis isn't caused by a cyst or any other condition other than cervicitis that may be giving you problems with conceiving.



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