Cervical position when pregnant?
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Amysince70 - November 15

Hi! I'm on my TWW. I was on clomid from days 5-9, trigger on CD 15 and IUI on CD day 16. Today is CD 18 for me. I have a question...I have been charting my cervical position and today, on day 18, it's still high and soft. Does anyone know if that is a sign of pregnancy? Also, I have had dull cramping since the IUI and breasts are not sore at all and they usually get sore after ovulation. Has this happened to anyone? Thanks for reading this and good luck to everyone!


slowpoke01 - November 16

i have read that cervical position is not a good sign to tell if you are pregnant or not. i read that everyone is different and that the positioning of the cervix can change a few times during the day so it isnt an accurate way to know for sure if you are pregnant. good luck though



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