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Claire - April 22


I am on my first round of CHLOMID and I am also charting my temperature and trying to test my cervical mucus!!

Obviously my husband and I are having sex and the seamen can get confused with fertile cervical mucus how can you tell the difference between the 2???

I am now on day 16 of my cycle and my temperature has now dropped for the past 3 days rather than risen!! Has this happened to anyone else??


Milissa - April 22

Semen is usually yellow in color and can stretch but not as much as eggwhite mucus. Eggwhite is clear with some white in it, sometimes pink.


Heather - April 22

Your temp will drop below your baseline before you ovulate. It is not uncommon for the dip in temp to be over a couple of days.


hope - May 19

does the basal temp thing work if you are on birth control pills since you dont ovulate. I figured if it does i could get a head start later on.



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