Cervical Mucus
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Marcelina - March 4

I'm 36 years old, ttc with femara and IUI. Does anyone else have the problem of not enough cervical mucus during ovulation?? I don't have cm every month. Do you know if that's normal? Thank you!


Chas - March 4

I have thought about this to. I know it's a key element in ttc. I don't always see it either. Some months there will be lots of it, and others none. Although I just check when I wipe. If you are doing IUI, you wouldn't need the mucus because it will bypass that part.


Marcelina - March 4

Thanks Chas! I hope this months IUI works. BFP's all around!!


tronyx - March 4

Hi Marcelina, If you are having a prolblem with cervical mucus check out pressed I hear it works really well for that


sososleepy - March 4

Yes, and it rots. I finally bought a speculum to Look at the stuff and see how much is really lingering about without Moving it because I need to Keep it for the little swimmers!!! ... and I will not be checking once it seems like I'm getting some; I'll just use the opk's and chase dh around the house till he surrenders the little wigglers! I'm 38... Good luck.


chandellina - March 4

apparently cm drops off with age. i was on the pill for all of my 20s and early 30s and really never paid attention so have no clue whether i used to have more or not. i have some now every month but i have no idea if it is a lot or a little! well, it's not an awful lot, i don't think. i have been taking evening primrose oil for several months and that really seems to help with it. in the past i've also used cough syrup with guanefesin and i usually use preseed at some point around ovulation. this month we're trying IUI, though we'll be bd'ing too anyway...


trixiebee - March 5

Chand - I hope you're only taking the EPO until you ovulate? very bad to take it the whole month.



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