cervical fluid
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cindy - March 28

I am on my 19th cycle day. On my 17th cycle day I had thick cervical milky fluid up to today and used the ovulation test kit since the 16th day but it did not show a surge. Did I already pass ovulation?


Katt - March 28

not necessarily...ovulation comes at a clear/opaque/slippery/lubricative cm or eggwhite - that is your most fertile time to have sex because the sperm can swim freely whereas the thick/milky/sometimes yellow cm can entrap sperm and imobilize them. For more information pick up Taking Charge of Your Fertility it explains so much.


Katt - March 28

btw, the opk is an indicator but not necessarily something to set your watch by. OV doesn't always occur like we hope due to other factors taking place as in illness, stress and travel mid-cycle. ttc 2yrs now and shooting high for the charting methods described in that book.


Leanne - April 11

Ovulation kits are designed to pick up the surge before and when you ovulate. You should start testing around day 12 of your cycle. So yes you have more than likely already ovulated


isa - April 11

go to webwomb.com and on the left side click on checking cm and it explains them all to you there quite well. Most that dont know their cycle should start on cd10 with their opk's so as not to miss their ovulation. Typical charts show most ovulate on cd 13 or 14 but that isnt always true.



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