Cell phone warning!!! :0
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Drew - June 24

For all those men out there who carry their cell phones in their pocket BEWARE!! Cell phones have been linked to decreased sperm count, not to mention testicular cancer. If your dh carries his cell in his pocket, change to a hip clip! May help with the baby making process! I can't remember what site I was at where I found this info, but I seen the studies. Hope this helps someone!


umm - June 25

Yeah everything gives u cancer or does something. The air we breathe will soon be the death of us.


Jill - June 25

Drew, I heard that!! It also has something to do with the heat coming from the cell phone increasing the temperature of the testicles. That always bad when you're ttc. To the person who posted above me, be glad that we now have the technology to figure out what is really dangerous and what's not. This could actually help someone else that comes on this site, and you have to poke fun at it. If you can't respond with a nice answer, don't respond.


TO UMM - June 25

I totally agree with Jill. This site is for females needing support not getting put down and feeling stupid. That was dirty shame on you UMMMMM



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