CD 8 anyone else?? Clomid 100mg CD 1-5
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Graveyard_Nurse - February 9

Hello everyone, just wanted to know who my cycle
"buddies" are?

I posted in January the other day but it was sooooo long. :)

What can I expect? I am extreeeemmmmly excited about the possibility of getting pregnant...I am sure all of you are as well....I am hoping to get PG 1st round since I O on my you think the possiblity of multiples would be higher if you O on your own and have no known issues??
(I hope nobody is hurt/offended because I am not PCOS etc.) I understand how difficult it must be to have the desire to have children and see someone "nonchalantly" taking clomid....I hope it doesn't appear that way...I am trying to get pregnant relatively quickly so I don't "waste" time not being on any medication for Multiple Sclerosis...pregnancy itself is very protective for most women...

age 30
DH 30
JJ 5
started clomid 100 feb 2, 2007.......
Cd 1-5


SkyKennels - February 9

Hey, Melinda. This is my first assisted cycle, too, but booh, I am not anywhere at cd, yet. I am 3rd day on 10 mg provera after what turned out to be my one working cycle within 10 months, which we didn't catch. But since I am so irregual (i do have pcos, and, come on, u know what you are doing this for, you have your own medical issue to consider! by the way, how severe is it for you? I have an acquaintance in her early forties, and she tells me, it's hell), the doc decided to go ahead with the provera before putting me on 2-6/3-7 100 mg clomide. I will be taking provera for that 10 days, and then, whoo, first clomide! Can I stalk your results et all? Kinda scared, what w/ possible cysts and all. And yes, from what I know, if you are assisting natural O, the chance of multiples definitely rises, like I think from 10% for those with infertility to about 30% in your case. Considering you're taking it cd 1-5, I take it this is something you are going for? Lisa, age 28, fiance 25. :-)


wantanotheraftertr - February 9

I am c/d8 with clomid 3-7 100 mg! I O on my own but around cd 20-21 and have an erratic luteal phase. My RE wanted to try clomid to see if it would lengthen the second half. If that doesn't work then I will move on to progesteron with clomid. are you on clomid with a perscription? I have read on here about women getting cysts and other problems when not monitored closely while on it. Did your Dr tell you to have baby soon so you can take the other meds? I don't think bad of you wanting to have a child before going on long term drugs that would make it nearly impossible to get pg and them maintain one good luck and loads of babydust to you!!!!!!!!!


Graveyard_Nurse - February 10

Hi ladies thanks for the support and replies. I do have a doctors order. We are thinking I should only need this amonth or two. My doctor wasn't worried about the risk for cysts...we discussed the s/s of a problem and since this a "short" term BOOST (since I O already) I should be fine...personally I am not worried. There are soooo many risks in every medication especially the ones for Multiple Sclerosis that this is "minor". I have been on multiple injectable meds for the MS. They make you very ill, flu symptoms everytime you take the shot (weekly) I could barely get out of bed for 2days, then by the time I got back to normal, it was time to take the shot again....they also have VERY serious liver complications and need monitoring etc. among other bad things :) Plus this is life long medications...

you can't take these medications while pregnant or TTC (if possible). The risks are unknown or abortifacient... I personally wouldn't take the chance..other people choose their own path :) I have been lucky and have had only "minor" problems with the disease. It is so random and different for everyone. It comes and goes...mostly just fatigue. I have been diagnosed for 2.5yrs. I am secretly hoping for twins, but it wasn't my main "goal"...just a quick pregnancy. We decided (doc) that 100mg would pretty much ensure ovulation, and a "short term use". I can't help but let my mind wander to the possiblity of son (5) has asked God for a boy and girl....all by himself :) Of course he has no idea we are TTC. I though it was just ironic. My husband and I wouldn't have to "fight" over who gets to hold the baby :) The only s/e from the clomid were headaches, but I took it before bed so I was able to tolerate it. I have been feeling kinda twinges/crampy like I am getting ready to O, and my CM had changed to more abundant/and slippery. We have been BD like crazy :) So much FUN. Hubby is enjoying it too. We started around the CD5 just to be safe. I don't use OPK, or temps. I may if no results this month, but I don't think it should be necessary since we pretty much always have a "supply" of fresh stuff waiting for the egg when it decides to come on out...I know too much information. I also stay in bed, with my hips up for 10-20min afterwards....I can't wait to test!!!!!! I bought 25 from online...I have my medicine cabinet FULL of HPT. When do you think to start testing... you O 5-10 days past last dose of Clomid....implantation takes 6-12days right?? I think based on my body signals I am going to O soon...sooo the soonest I could possibly test would be cd ????
thanks gals. Please let me know how you are doing. Do you have any side effects? any children?


rrc - February 10

Hi Melinda, I guess I'm just a little behind you. I'm about to start my first round of Clomid 50. I'm a little nervous, but excited. We've been TTC for a year and a half. After some testing, doc decided everthing looked fine, other then irregular or no ovulation. Hence the Clomid. :) I'm hopeful this will do the trick. SkyKennels, where are you at now?


Mindy1 - February 11

oh my gosh! your name is melinda too! how cool!!! Do they call you Mindy?


SkyKennels - February 11

Oh, I am here, but there's something off my computer, because I can't seem to be able to post responses, only start threads from my laptop. It keeps telling me I am on invalid search page of all things. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
As far as where I am in my cycle :-), I am on day 5 of my first assisted ttc cycle. Gonna be on provera for 5 more days, then, whoo, clomid commencement here.


SkyKennels - February 11

Well, for some reason, it is working today -- from my home computer, when before it wasn't working at all. So, guess gonna take that opportunity to say hi and a huge good luck to all of us! Also, Melinda, you know, just answering your question (and HOPING I am getting this right), I would say earliest would be cd18? As in, if you ovulate like on about cd 10 or 11, and the implantantion wouldn't happen at the earliest until cd 16, plus a couple of days for the hcg to filter into your bloodstream. What do you think?
Hoping to chat with you all soon. Hugs


rrc - February 12

Well, it's official.... AF is here. So this is cd1. I'm going to take Clomid days 3-7. I still a little nervous about the side effects, but hopefully they won't be bad. Skykennel, Has AF come yet for you?


SkyKennels - February 13

Hey, rrc! Hope the clomid works for you. Are you nervous? In my case, I am still on provera, so no AF. I have another 3 days to go. And boy, is it giving me a pre-AF symptoms from hell. Especially, the bloating, Gah! Even my stomach hurts, like it's being pushed up, you know. But strangely, my temps are starting to go down. Isn't it too soon? Can't wait to see what clomide does. ;-)
Sticky baby dust to all of us!
OK, so, this thing's working now. What in the h... is going on?!
Hey, Graveyard Nurse, Wantanother, how is going, girls?


angelkitty - February 13

Hi there ladies....I am at cd20...this was my 1st month of 50mg clomid and IUI. I have been trying to conceive for 19 mos. I O fine on my own. MY Re says things are fine - unexplained. I am so excited - nervous that it won't happen this month but very excited that it will. I want twins so I pray I am pregnant with twins!!!!!


Graveyard_Nurse - February 13

Hello ladies....Today I am cycle day 12, no problems, just a bit cranky because i "slept" wrong and have a stiff neck. I can't freakin' turn my head to the right....ouch :) anyhow we have been bd'ing alot to make sure we have a fresh supply available. I have been taking mucinex, prenatal vitamins, aspirin, thinking positive thoughts...for all of us :)
Talk to you all soon :)


rrc - February 13

Hey Melinda, have you been testing for the big O? Or just doing the every other day bd? Sorry about the stiff neck. At least you got good sleep, though. :) By the way, I started a new thread this morning. Nobody had posted for a couple days, so I thought I'd start a new one. It has an easier title to find.... it's "Feb Clomid Buddies..." I know Skykennels found it. But now people are posting here, too, so whatever. :)


rrc - February 13

Welcome anglekitty! So you're a little ahead of us. Have you o'd yet? And I hope you get your twins!



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