CD 8 - Looking for buddies.
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Otilia98 - June 6

I am PCOS on CD 8 and looking for buddies. This is my first natural period since December and I am on Metformin. I think that might have actually started working.


Otilia98 - June 6



MelissaV - June 7

I'm on CD, I'm close! :) This is my 3rd cycle after 6 months of continuous bcp to stop af & suppress endo. I also have low progesterone so take prometrium days 16-28. Do you bbt chart?


Otilia98 - June 7

I try to bbt, but I forget almost every morning:( This is frustrating for me because I am not even sure that I ovulate. I have PCOS and really long cycles. I am going to be put on Clomid in July if nothing happens. How long have you been TTC?


Mandi24 - June 7

i am on cd8 too.. took my last of my clomid yesterday.. so we will see what this month bring.. i wish you lots of luck


Otilia98 - June 8

Hi Mandi. How long have you been on Clomid? If this month is a bust for me then I will start on Clomid in July.



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