CD 43 - No Af
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pj - May 15

I have PCOD. and have irregular periods. I took one cycle of ovulation, so I was upped to Clomid - 100. But on the advise of my DH, I decided on one natural cycle , before Clomid- 100, and on this natural cycle, I am on CD- 43...there is no sign of Af, I have no symptoms of pregnancy at all........I took a test around ten days back, it was BFN. But due to lack of symptoms, I dont need to take another test. I have lots of white mucousy discharge, from the last fourteen or fifteen days. My question is that, last time, I had taken provera for inducing Af... do you know whether one's body gets used to having Af only upon eating provera...I mean does it cause any kind of dependency. I hope I get Af before long , so that I can start my meds


pj - May 15



Mega - May 15

Hi Pj. I have PCOS & have taken Provera/Prometrium more than a few times. It doesn't cause dependancy per se. When you find the right meds for you that causes you to O, you'll get AF on your own (if you're not PG) otherwise Provera is a good drug for a little jumpstart so you can start the process over again. Your dr might want to give you one more pg test first though before giving you a Provera script. HTH! Good luck!


pj - May 16

Hi Mega...the fact is that I havent gone to my doc. I already have a clomid-100 prescription. But, I took another test yesterday...BFN as expected....But God, I feel exhausted. I dont know why, normally this is not part of PMS for me.


mommy2josh - May 17

Hi pj. I dont have PCOS but I know what its like not to have period of 40-50 days. After I had my son in 2002, my period was regular 30-33 day cycles, but as soon as dh and I started ttc #2 (2 years ago) my periods are out of wack. I took provera couple of times, but chose not to do it the last time. Since my af came on its own, it got more or less regular (35-36 days), though I did not ovulate last 2 cycles on clomid. I am choosing not to continue the clomid for a few months, but will instead try vitex (also known as chasteberry), which is helpfull in maintaining and correcting menstrual cycles. Vitex is relatively inexpensive, but should not be taken with clomid. Good luck.


pj - May 17

Interesting input, mommy2josh. What you are saying is that one has to choose between vitex or clomid. But vitex is eaten only after Af starts ????????If yes, I still have the problem of whether to induce it with provera or not



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