CD 39, no period yet!!!
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kare21162 - August 9

I am on CD 39. For the past 5 months I have been 37, 31, 32, 36, 32. In that order. I have already taken a pregnancy test. I took that on CD 34. I don't have sore breasts, so I definately know I'm not. Usually I take a pregnancy test and I always seem to start my period soon after, within a couple of days. I seriously don't think that I could be because I don't have sore breasts. The only pg symptom I have if fatigue. Does anybody think that I could be with that only sign???


Tammy276 - August 10

I guess anything is possible. Why don't you try testing you know when you ovulated? Maybe you ovulated late. I know what it's like to have irregular cycles, mine were always really long and all over the place! I finally got the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor so I would know exactly when I ovulated and when I would be expecting really helped out alot! Good luck to you.


Val - August 10

I agree with Tammy - anything is possible! I didn't have sore breasts or fatigue when I got pg last year - bloating and irritability were my main symptoms. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. If you aren't pg this round, testing for ovulation in the future is a really good idea. I have long cycles also and would never know when ov was going to happen (apart from cm) if I didn't test. The length of time from ovulation to af (the luteal phase) is usually the same every month, so if you test for ovulation, you'll have a better sense of when af is due. Good luck!!


Tammy276 - August 11

honestly, I didn't start getting sore bb's until like a week ago, and I am 7 weeks biggest sign was fatigue and being exhausted......but now my bb's are starting to hurt worse everyday!!


kare21162 - August 11

I do have the CBEFM, but I haven't used it in two months. I live in a small town and the place that I usually get those test sticks were out of stock, so that really messed me up. I'm on CD 42 now, so we'll see if my period starts soon. I started to kinda get sore breasts yesterday CD 41, but nothing major.


slowpoke01 - August 11

kare i think that maybe you should test especially since your cycles have never went to 42 days i really think that you should and if it is - then i think that you should go see your doc because that is a really long cycle


kare21162 - August 14

I am now at CD 44. No period and another negative HPT, I took that on CD 42. I have a cold right now, so I can't really tell if I have any preggo signs. I think that I have been peeing more often, it seems like I go more when I'm at home. I could just be drinking more fluids. I also do a #2 everyday, not really usual for me, lol. I've had a long cycle like that once before. I think I went to 50 some days until I started my period. I really thought I was preggo then, because that had never happened before. But I also just started a new job and it was stressful. I don't really believe that I'm stressed out, at least I don't feel it. I'll take another test in a couple of days and maybe I'll buy a better test, I've just bought the cheap store brands.


kare21162 - August 15

CD 46 and no period. Boobs are more sore. So I'm sure AF is going to be due here shortly. I'm thinking of getting another test tomorrow and seeing what it is, or maybe going to Planned Parenthood and getting a free one, lol. I really don't think that I am, because I think that I would feel something different, or are there women that don't have any preggo signs and still are pregnant????


kare21162 - August 16

Well I had some off and on cramping today. The kind of cramping you would get when AF is due, so I wore a pad to work just in case. I'll probably still buy the pregnancy test tomorrow just to check for the 3rd time. I really hope that it starts because I want to start using my CBEFM again and I want to start using my vitamins.


slowpoke01 - August 16

kare- i hope that you get a + when you test again let us know keeping my fingers crossed for you


slowpoke01 - August 17

KARE have you tested again? good luck


kare21162 - August 18

Yes, I tested twice today. The first time I got a positive and the second time I got a negative. So I don't know what is going on. See the first test was a digital test from Confirm Clearly and the second was E.P.T digital. So I'm assuming that I'm not since E.P.T's was negative. Nothing like getting false hope.......


slowpoke01 - August 18

kare if you got a + then i would say you are pregnant one test may be more sensitive than the other. congrats girl because a + is a + and very seldom do you get a false + you might get a false - but usually not a false +


mommy2josh - August 18

Kare, we had a girl on our thread get a false positive with a digital test. I dont mean to be a crab, but get yourself a regular EPT to be sure. Good luck hon.


slowpoke01 - August 18

mommy2 josh i forgot about that i am glad that you remembered. i still think that kare could be pregnant though but like you said i think that she should get another test and test with first morning urine, since there is higher hcg in fmu


kare21162 - August 18

Well ladies no need to worry because AF came today. So add another false positive to the list. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but I'm very upset because that test gave me false hope and in my head I really thought that I wasn't because I really didn't feel any different besides my boobs hurting but they weren't like swollen or anything like that and I kinda knew in the back of my head that I wasn't. My bf was so happy that I finally got a positive after all this time and then to turn around and have AF start. Well better luck next month and I will not be using the Confirm Clearly tests again. Thank you girls for all your support.


mommy2josh - August 19

Kare, so sorry AF showed up. Why dont you come and join Slowpoke and I on a thread called TTC through friendship and support part 2. We have collected a great bunch of girls on that thread, and their support is the only thing keeping me from going nuts in the last 4 months or so. I promise you will be made welcome. :) Tanya



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