CD 1 starts at brown Spotting or Red?
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Liz - July 20

Please help me answer this question...Does anyone know when I should start counting the beginning of a new cycle?....I have been spotting brown for about 3-5 days before seeing any type of red blood (sorry TMI)....Does CD 1 start when I see the first brown mixed in CM or wait until I see some type of red blood?.....TIA


Justine - July 20

CD 1 is the first day of red blood and it should be flowing red blood not just spotting. I asked my fertility clinic about it.


Liz - July 20

Thanks Justine!...I don't have flowing anything right now...just spotting for the last 2 months and went to the Dr. yesterday and he told me that CD1 should be the first sign of mensus regardless of what it is....I didn't think that sounded right, so I thought I'd ask my TTC friends (you know, the real Drs) what the correct answer is...giggle...Thanks a bunch!....



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