CD 14 Need Cycle Buddies!
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Cloe - April 23

To get to the OB, you have to start with the GP!


Tracy88 - April 23

Cloe, so I take it that the OB's in Canada monitor you when they put you on clomid? The OB's in Canada probably have more experience with the infertility stuff if they are your primary source of testing. That's good, here it is hit or miss. The OB I was seeing is really good, but I was not getting the attention I needed since he has like 3 offices and goes to the hospital. The specialist I am seeing now, takes his time and really analyzes everything; giving my care the attention it should get. They have been on the ball since we went there only about a week ago. Well, gonna go for now.


Cloe - April 23

Yeah, the OB has monitored me somewhat. He did lots of bloodwork before the Clomid, and after the first dose of 50 mg, he did the progesterone and found it made a big improvement. But he said there is only so much he can do, and then if unsuccessful we will be sent to the fertility clinic.


BabyDreams26 - April 23

I am currently on cd23 and 6dpo...this 2ww is too long!!!!! We have been ttc for over a year now. This was my 2nd cycle of Clomid, this time at 100mg b/c I did not ovulate the 1st time on 50mg. I have been feeling a little different, but I feel like I want it so bad that it is all in my head. Baby dust and my prayers are with everyone!!!!


Cloe - April 24

I know what you mean. Each time I wait for AF I get all these symptoms, which resemble both PMS and early pregnancy. I convince myself each month that this is the month, and then when AF arrives I get really upset. You would think that I would learn but I go through this every month! Well I am on CD 19, and I feel like I was kicked in the stomach, so I guess now I just wait and see if that bitch AF shows up or I get my BFP. Does anyone else get that bruised feeling below the ribs in the center while waiting for AF?


Tracy88 - April 24

No bruised feeling here, but I know what you mean about believing you are PG each month only to have AF arrive. That's why now, I just expect AF like I did before I started TTC. I still get disappointed each month, just not torn up like I used to. It has been a year and half of monthly let downs, I have become numb. I want to do IVF so bad so I can end this crap, but am so afraid it won't take on the first try. I can't afford multiple IVF cycles, but it is what I want to do. I am going to sit down with my husband and really talk about this if I am expected to just keep shooting hormones in my body month after month. Have to go to the gym now. Check back later.


BAF - April 24

Cloe & Tracy88, thanks for the responses. I thought it was odd too, but my dr prescribed the Clomid for LPD. Cloe, I'm also on CD19, I'm pretty sure I o'd Saturday so 2DPO. Isn't it terrible how PMS & pregnancy symptoms can be so similar? Ever since I started this progesterone cream, it's even worse. My breasts get so tender a few DPO. So I'm trying to stay positive, keep praying that out b'd worked and try to get through the next few weeks without driving myself crazy.


BAF - April 24

Forgot to tell you'll! I'm really having to be patient as I had an actual false positive last month. I took a CBE digital test and it was positive. Then the next 2 days I tested with different HPT and they were both negative. On the 3rd day, a blood test at the dr was negative. I was so bummed! Hopefully I'll have better luck this time!


BabyDreams26 - April 24

My OB today said it is now a waiting game... I get my prog. level back tomorrow and I see if I ovulated...then if I did, af will either come or I am pg...this waiting stuff is too much!!! Baby dust...


Cloe - April 24

False positive would really suck!!! I think I might be ovulating today, just from how I have been feeling. Next month I will use the OPK's so I have a better idea. I won't be on Clomid anymore so I hope I ovulate.


Tracy88 - April 24

Cloe, I love using OPk's. I don't know what took me so long to start using them. I had a box for like 6 months before I actually used it and now, I can't imagine going through a cycle without them. I don't know how you have gotten through 6 months of clomid. I guess the drug just did not agree with me on many levels. I gained weight, got migraines, and was an emotional wreck. I told my new doctor I would prefer not to do it again, but would if he really thought I should. I really trust his opinion as he is the best and has gotten almost everyone in town PG!!! I know that sounds funny. I have an appointment for a pap on wednesday and then see him next tuesday. BAF, that had to have really sucked getting a false positive. Talk about going from happy to sad! The first time I took clomid my period was 4 days late and I had symptoms like you wouldn't believe, so I really thought I was PG, but to no avail. I was so torn up the whole second month while taking it, so I can imagine how you must have felt. Well gonna go, stomach is upset today and feel really wiped.


Cloe - April 25

The Clomid does affect me but I want a baby so badly that I put up with it. It gives me headaches, cramps, blurred vision sometimes, and hotflashes like crazy. I know I won't miss the side effects! I am glad to hear how helpful the OPK's are. They are kind of expensive which is what prevented me from using them before. I don't know how they can charge so much for a stick of plastic and paper that you pea on and then throw away! But you gotta do what ya gotta do! I wish everyone a BFP


BabyDreams26 - April 25

I like using OPK's too...I had my first positives times 2 this cycle, so I am hoping this is the month for us! I will get my prog. level back tomorrow and hopefully I ovulated this cycle! Baby dust...


Cloe - April 25

I hope you get your BFP BabyDreams


Tracy88 - April 25

I am hoping for a high progesterone level for you babydreams! The craziest thing I think I experienced on clomid was the migraine that came like clockwork each month. Anywhere from 4 to 9 days past ovulation I would get a killer migraine. I expected it and it would show I think when my progesterone level peaked in my body. Well, gonna run to the gym. I'll check back a little later.


BAF - April 25

Best of luck to you all! High hopes for high progesterone levels and real BFP's this time! I too use OPK's and chart my temps. I've determined I did ovulate on Saturday as I've had 3 steady days of high temps. So officially 3DPO! We bd Friday and Saturday so maybe we timed it right! No symptoms yet, just trying to wait patiently! If we do get our BFP's we will all have New Year's Babies! This month would be such a blessing as my last m/c was one year ago this month. It's so nice to be able to come to this site and share with others who are going through the same thing!



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