CD 14 Need Cycle Buddies!
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ciara - May 5

BAF - good luck to you - i'll keep my fingers crossed that AF doesn't bother you for the next 9 months!! if you're lp was only 9 days before - its a good sign that you're now up to 13dpo. don't worry about BBT - you can look at other peoples BBT charts who got pregnant on and they are all different.


BAF - May 5

Ciara, thanks for the encouragement. This site is so great! Best of luck to you for your BFP! Maybe I'll have better luck in May! Have a great weekend everyone.


tonia - May 5

Hey ladies! Good news! My dr says that anything (on a medicated cycle) over 12 is good! Mine was 25.9!! I ovulated for sure! Woo hoo! Like Babydreams, now I just wait and see! Is anybody going to be checking in over the weekend? : )


Shauna - May 6

I am on here like 20 times a day. I just check and if someones around then I chat. I am CD30 and still no AF. YAHHHH!!!!! I bough a BBT thermometer today so I am set if I need it. I don't feel pg so I will wait and see. Its hard after 5 years to be optimistic. Love yah all, Baby dust.


Shauna - May 6

Congrat Tonia on the 'O' . I will feel better when I know that I 'O'. Bye


tonia - May 6

Shauna, I am on here alot too! I'll be here for you.........keep your chin up! I know how hard it is to be where you are at in your cycle! You want to either get your BFP or start a new cycle! Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


Tracy88 - May 6

Well, another month down the drain.....AF showed.


Shauna - May 6

Tonia: Nope, I just have my two kids (one is foster but have had him for 2 yrs) and then I have 4 more foster kids for the weekend... I think I will be going to get some outside activities for them to is 9am here and I am already stir crazy.


Shauna - May 6

Oh yah no ' visit ' yet you said Tonia BFP or new cycle come on... I don't want to test cuz then AF just comes the next day anyways. I am not stressing about it just annoyed.


BAF - May 6

Tracy88, so sorry about af. I am expecting her any moment myself. I guess we can be cycle buddies again! Best of luck to the rest of the ladies! Let's get a few more BFP's! Happy weekend to everyone!


Tracy88 - May 6

Thanks for the kind words BAF. I knew she'd show, we didn't try very hard this month, but was still hoping for a miracle. Life goes on though, and yes, we can do this all over again together. I still don't know if I'll be having my laparoscopy this cycle or if I'll be doing injectibles, but either way, I'll be TTC. Hopefully someone (hint, hint) will get a bfp instead of AF.


BAF - May 7

Tracy88, AF showed today so here I go again. Best of luck with whatever you do! We did try really hard this time so I am of course disappointed. However, my luteal phase was officially 14 days so that's a great improvement for me. I'm going to start a new thread titled, Need Buddies for early June BFP! Come join me!


ciara - May 7

hi girls - i tested this morning and of course it was a BFN!!! god why is it sooo hard?? i'm so fed up and sick of all of this. i had AF style cramps as well today so i'm expecting her to show her fat face soon. i put my details into the ovusoft thing (downloaded free trial) and according to that i'm 11 dop but i don't think my BFN will turn into BFP this month. i had a bad feeling this morning and was feeling too scared to test. i'll be joining you girls for June too! at least i will see the doctor on the 15th May so may be i'll be able to get some help as i just can't seem to do it myself. i just hate living my life like this, wishing the days away just so i can test. i just feel like i'm going nowhere.



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