CD8 and severe cramping
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tanya - January 14

what does all this cramping mean?? i am not ovulating yet it is too soon. i am only on CD8. anybody else having the ame thing and knows what it is from??


MuzikGurl - January 14

tanya, I understand I too am cramping a little bit...I'm only on CD10 and I'm starting to cramp but I don't know if I'm ovulating yet or if I even, I'm gonna start testing today. I go to my ob/gyn on Thursday the 19th at 1pm...I've been charting my temps for the first time and for the past three days my temps have been 98.0, 98.1, and 98.2 in no order...and these are my, I don't know what's going on I'm also having some small brown discharge that started off and on before AF and then I had AF and then the discharge came back so, I have no idea what's happening....I'll let you know if my OPK says pos. on ovulation and then maybe you should go test again if you haven't already for is don't ovulate on the same day every cycle...that's what I read...esp. if your very irregular like me. Well, hope this helps some..and good luck!


tanya - January 14

i know that i dont ovulate the same days every month. i do the charting as well and still can not conceive. how long you been TTC, this is 8 months for us.



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