CD75 and confussion....
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MuzikGurl - January 3

Ok, most of you who are on here regularly kinda get my hint of who I am...I try to stick with the same titles...but anyways...ok, I'm still having pretty much the same symptoms as before on my other post titled, "CD70 and still counting.." I think. or something like that. Well, anyways...besides all that I've already mentioned...I still having soreness in my breasts...and I noticed back on the 29th and 30th...light brown discharge only when I wiped I didn't think that much of it until it went away until today I again went to pee and wiped and the brown discharge came's really strange to me...and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem...???...I'm calling my ob/gyn to make an appt. tomorrow morning his office was closed today for new years. But, in the mean time I just need some advice or thoughts...anything is appreciated....thanks!


bump - January 3



jcr - January 3

Don't know what to say? I too had long cycles. I sometimes went over 3 months without a period. I'd go in and take a bloodtest to see if pg or not, then maybe take prometrium to bring on a period. Goodluck and let me know what ob says.


MuzikGurl - January 3

JCR, do u have PCOS? I have a drs. appt. on the 19th at 1pm, and I go to the dentist on the 9th to get my first wisdom tooth pulled....fine timing. But, I'm still having barely brown stuff on the tp after wiping...and sharp pains here and there on my boobs..and I'm extremely tired...exhausted...and some cramping but, nothing yet...I thinking of taking a hpt in the morning when my levels are temps have been all over the place....ever since the 25th(x-mas day) until today have been: 97.3, 97.9, 97.0, 97.2, 97.8, 97.1, 98.1, 97.3, 98.1, and looks like on a graph that it's casacade up and down but gradually going up day by day....don't know what to think.....any ideas? thanx!


jcr - January 4

They are positive signs, Let me know about the hpt. Like I said, I got pg after 3 months of no af, so you NEVER know hang in there my thoughts are with you. belly rubs.


jcr - January 5

oops missed your question. Yes I have pcos. I am on metformin and doing acupuncture after 1 failed round of clomid. I am starting femara this month if no bfp. I am on cd 41 myself. Last cycle was 45 -47 days. Hard to wait so long for everything!! hang in there.


MuzikGurl - January 5

Thanks for support jcr...I really appreciate it...funny ur the only one that seems to respond...guess u've been there done Well I just noticed that tonight right before I jumped into the shower I went and peed and again when I wiped I expected to see the brown discharge again but, not this time...instead it was the lightest of light pinkish almost peach color on the tp....earlier today I was feeling nauseated....almost puked earlier...but didn't. this morning my temp was down instead of going back up like it has been doing since x-mas....I'm starting to cramp more....DH thinks it's my AF coming I took my last HPT this afternoon around 4pm. of course it was neg. so, I guess I'm just gonna have to see what will happen..maybe in the morning I will know...I'll let you know...( hoping the pinkish discharge I have now is implanation and I just tested early...) oh, well...I'll let you know if anything else changes maybe you can related like u already have been and I apreciate it...thanks!


jcr - January 5

Hi Muzikgurl, how you feeling today? Any sign of AF?? I found out yesterday that I actually ovulated this month. Day 31. YEESH. That leads to lots of waiting for me. I will test next tuesday if no AF. So fingers crossed. My temps are still up. Could be implantation bleeding? How are the bbs feeling? I hope it is a bfp for you, It can happen. Hugs and belly rubs. Gotta run, my daughter is too quiet.


MuzikGurl - January 6

Hey jcr, well...guess what...tonight I went to the restroom and after I wiped I looked at the tp and guess what I found....bright red blood mixed with thick clear clumpy CM....I'm assuming I actually started....funny though nothing in my urine nor on my panties....just only when I wiped...I think maybe cause my panties are red, I think I'm just gonna wear a little pantiliner and overnight and hopefully in the morning I will know if I actually started or not...I'm thinking FINALLY!!! DH was asking after I showed him the tp...(I know gross but he wasn't suprisingly)..."r u alright?" told him it's not like I'm bleeding to death...he just laughed. so, no baby this time...I even earlier double checked this afternoon for VERY later ovulation and of course VERY neg. results...yesterday afternoon ( 1/4/06) I took my last pg. test it was clearblue digital and it was neg. the morning I will see how it goes...could be CD1 today and tomorrow CD2...only time will tell. As far as bbs hurting or cramps...I don't have any...if I do it's like once or twice and only lasting a few seconds. but I'm extremely hungry!!!! lol...can't get enough and my stomach is growling. It's like I'm eating every 2 hours if not more! for yourself I'm praying you get BFP!!! I don't know if I ovulated or not this past 2 and ahalf months...but, if this is CD1 at least I had my period! I just wanted either BFP or AF...I hate not knowing...but, I'm glad you found out u actually ovulated...I go to the dentist to get two wisdom teeth pulled on Monday then on the 19th I go to the ob/gyn to show him my temp. chart. I've also been writing on a separate piece of paper in detail on how I've been feeling and everything between the 6th of Dec. until I see him he knows not only my temps but, what I've noticed about my body and on which day it happened on. So, ur testing next tuesday..hehe...funny the day after I get my teeth pulled. Well, I'll be here and I'll check back so PLEASE let me know how it goes...and plenty of belly rubs to you too! Fingers crossed and head held high for you!


jcr - January 6

I know what it is like, you wants something bfp or AF, it is so hard being in limbo and I can totally relate. It may work out to be good timing for you. Hopefully he can help get things going for you. I will probably test on tuesday, ok who am I kidding I'll test sunday monday and tuesday if no af. I know the morning my AF starts because temps drop. It is rough having such long cycles, mine are about 45 days. Hopefully the Dr will help get you on some kind of schedule. bellyrubs and hugs.


jcr - January 8

what's up?? Everything ok? Goodluck with wisdom tooth.


MuzikGurl - January 9

Hey, I go tomorrow morning at 9am to get two teeth pulled...I'm so nervous...I think me being nervous about this made me actually start my that....oh I said at least my body is doing something....I'll try to be back on here after the dentist visit...if not tomorrow definately tuesday...wish me luck...good luck with ur HPT..hoping for BFP!!! Praying for you!


jcr - January 10

Hope your extractions went well. I used to be a dental assistant! A period is good!! I am excited about your appointment coming up with ob. How long have you ttc? Were you ever diagnosed with pcos?? I am on Metformin 1500mg, and doing acupuncture. If no bfp this month I have to decide what is next. Still no AF and bbs are huge and sore. A good sign for me. I trying not to hope too much though. I cannot stand the disappointment. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. Take care of yourself and I hope you don't look too much like a chipmonk after your dental appointment. Maybe it'll scare an egg or two out for you too. lol. Big hugs and bellyrubs!



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