CD70! And still counting....
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MuzikGurl - December 31

OK, ever since the 25th I haven't been the's been CD70 and still counting...I've taking two or three pg. tests over the past month and all neg. On the 25th I woke up throwing up and with diaherria but, then again so did my I'm assuming it was a virus...then on the 29th until this afternoon 30th I noticed only when I wipe light brown discharge I have had very little cramping off and on these past few weeks and my breasts have been pinching and for the past 3 days I have been such a major B*tch! very irritable...does anyone have an explanition why this is happening to me? I'm open to any ideas...I'm not on any meds...all I've been doing is charting my temps and checking my CM every once in a while....any thoughts are appreciated. Many thanks! and Baby Dust to all!=)


NC - December 31

why have you not contacted an OB or RE (if seeing one) for a blood beta test?


MuzikGurl - December 31

Because I guess I'm afraid they won't give me one. My last ob didn't give me one cause he didn't think it was neccessary. Also, I'm scare of wasting the money and time to do one if it comes out neg. Not, only that but my dr. won't be in his office until after the new years like around 2nd or 3rd...and even then I have to call to make an appt. and more than likely they won't get to me until middle or end of January...well, by then another month will past and still no AF...=(


NC - December 31 sound so bitter. It was just a question.


To: MuzikGurl - December 31

Have you always been irregular? My guess is either you are preggo and it will only show up on a blood test or you havn't been ovulating at all. Since your uterus hasn't detected the egg hence your lining hasn't shed. I highly suggest getting your bloodwork done to test your pituitary gland.(if your not pregnant). Good luck to you.


MuzikGurl - December 31

NC, I must have read your question wrong because when you say the words, "why have you not..." sounds very authortive to me...and my reply wasn't bitter at all I don't think no one else had a problem with it. and I did warn you in my post that I was acting like a major b*tch, don't take it personally. and to the other reply, yes, I have always been irregular. I heard that blood test are just as sensitive as pg. tests. I've had other blood tests done and u/s and trans vag u/s and they said I have PCOS cyst on my right I actually reached my highest temp all month....last period was on 10/21 and it was only 2 days long and that's it...don't know if this information helps or anything...but, I'll try to call the dr. after new years to get an appt. thanx.


jcr - December 31

I hadn't had a period since oct 2002, went to RE to start fertility, they did bloodtest to double check to see in pg, negative. They gave me prometrium to induce cycle-no period came, Re said I had pcos he was going to have a hard time getting me pg, (very bad bedside manners!) Went back in for another ultrasound, it was a resident that did the ultrasound. I was sloppy crying when I got in the room, when she started the ultrasound she asked me if any chance of pg I said no way and cried even harder. She said the ultrasound showed lining was a little thick and wanted to do pg test. RE said "I don't know why?!" I was crying even harder, did the test. Resident walked in and said congrats your pg!! I have a 26 month old daughter to show for it all!! So you never know?!! Hang in there and rub your belly for luck! Miracles do happen! TTC #2, and not so lucky-but a new year is coming. In defence of NC, she is a warm wonderful person, I communicate with her on another thread. But I would definately contact ob or RE. I have had lots of luck with acupuncturist inducing period instead of prometrium. Hang in there


Becca - January 1

jcr- how far along were you when they did the u/s and found out? MuzikGurl- I would suggest an ultrasound, and if you are temping and had a temp spike then you know you probably ovulated and have a good chance of pg so I would take that info with you to an ob and get u/s and blood test. On blood test they can give you the count and they are more accurate then pee tests. Good luck!


in NC - January 1

thanks jcr... my question to u Muzikgurl was just that...a question. It is up to us to always question a doctor just like jcr said. we know ourselves and there is meds out there to help if you are not really prego. I hope u are but incase you may consider a 2nd opinion.



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