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MuzikGurl - December 18

Is this normal for PCOS women?? I'm ruling out being pregnant all the test I have taken are negative...and I'm on CD59!! that's almost 3 months!! I have had off and on cramping one or two times a day but, thats it...only last a few secs. and nothing..same thing with my boobs...I'm not on any meds. right now...just charting my temps. any advice??? I see my ob/gyn sometime in the beginning of january (need to call about appt.) I the only one going through this??? any advice is greatly appreciated...thanks!


MuzikGurl - December 18

Oh, did I mention I started getting headaches for no reason for the past week....almost like migrains....


bump - December 19



Mary - December 19

I am the same as you as far as going 60 or more days with no af. I went to the dr. and told him I wanted to start trying to have a baby and so he induced my af with progesterone and then on day three of my cycle, I started clomid. I got pg my first time, but m/c at 5 1/2 weeks. I did another 3 rounds of clomid but my body stopped responding so now we are trying another approach. Call your dr. and tell him you'd like to start the process necessary to become pregnant. Good luck! :)


bump - December 21

bump bump bump


jules205 - December 21

I have got pcos and on no medication, and i can go between 5 weeks and 4 months so not usual, i would have a chat to your doctors and see what he can advise, and hope you either get a positive result or an af v soon xx


Mega - December 21

Hi. I too have PCOS, & had the same thing happen til I started using Clomid, then I started ovulating & can count on having "regular" 32 day cycles. I'd consider talking to your dr about getting Provera or a progesterone shot to induce AF, it should bring it on in 10 days or so. Definitely discuss Clomid or Femara too, they both can help PCOS women to ovulate. Good luck. Hang in there.



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