cd18 and still no ovulation??? Anyone else???
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mrose - March 2

It is now cd18, I am using the Answer ovulation strips and I have still not had a surge. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and put on metformin. Was just wondering if anyone in the same situation had ovulation late in their cycle? I would love to hear success stories or just have some friends to talk with....tia ****babydust****


babyloves2play - March 2

Hi, I'm on clomid and I'm on cd 20 and I'm using the Answer ovulation strips. I'm finally getting results that are showing the beginning of ovulation. I feel like this has been the longest cycle ever.


mrose - March 2

I know what you mean babyloves2play...I haven't started clomid yet. I just started on metformin. I go back on 3/17 and will begin clomid on my cycle beginning after that. I had miscounted, so I am now today, 3/2 on cd18 but still no sign of ovulation. My cycles had gotten really long, had to start my last one with provera. I just hope that metformin will help regulate me and help me ovulate....goodluck to you and babydust :-) If you would like to talk, I would love to


Mega - March 2

I have PCOS (though I recently had Ovarian Drilling done, so hopefully I'm temporarily PCOS-free) & am on Met & only O on Clomid. Even on the Clomid, it wasn't unusual for me to O on CD 19 or even 20. I'm looking forward to my first post-OD Clomid cycle. I'm hoping I'll O more than one follie & O earlier now. But PCOS women often O late, if at all. For some women though after being on Met for a couple of months their cycles start regulating & they start O earlier. Hopefully that'll be the case for you. In the meantime, just keep using the OPKs & BD everyother day just in case. Good luck.


mrose - March 2

hey Mega, thanks for the respone. I am using the Answer ovulation test strips, the cheap ones that are $20 for 20 strips. I was wondering if you or anyone else know if these are good or not? the control line itself is very light, and I have not had any line in the test area as of yet. tia. ***Babydust***


lisa_sc - March 2

I like the clearblue easy opk better and my doctor said she would prefer that I use that also


Mega - March 2

Mrose--I've never used the Answer O strips, but the price certainly sounds right! I've used the First Response & a Walgreen's brand, they were both okay. But just to let you know, OPKs may not work for all PCOS women, so I've read. Though as I mentioned before I have that & have had some luck with OPKs in the past. Have you tried charting BBT, that might work better though it's a giant pain in the rear, in my opinion! The info is still invaluable though.


babyloves2play - March 3

I went to the website and found out that you could still get pregnant even if an opk never becomes positive. There is all kinds of great information on that webpage. It's worth checking out!


mrose - March 3

Thanks to all you ladies for responding. And yes I have been chartting BBT. It is a pain in the rear though. I haven't seen a rise in temps yet. It normally stays at 97.2. The past few days there was a line on the stick but it wasn't darker than the control line. So I dunno....I guess maybe I just might not ovulate this cycle. I'm going on clomid the end of this month though. If you ladies would like to chat, that would be great...I've never really gotten into the forums that the ladies talked all the time, it would be nice to have a support system. **baby dust***



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