Cant seem to get pregnant!! any suggestions?!
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timswifey2006 - September 27

Well heres my situation....Im 18 years old and I have a two year old son (yes i know im young and all but oh well!) but i guess its just that i see my son growing up and now i want to have a little girl....or at least another baby....and i mean ive already talked with my husband about it and he is cool with having another one.....but the thing is....i cant seem to get pregnant again! we dont use protection...i dont use birth control and he doesnt use a condom....but nothing seems to work so i was wondering if there was anyone out there that knew of anything that can help or what not...i would greatly appriciate it!! but please dont reply rude comments!! please help!! i need some advice!!


Amanda18 - September 27

Well how long have you been trying? Are your cycles regular? Are you using anything to track ovulation so you know the right days to bd? I'm about to turn 19 and am ttc too, but I have problems and am on clomid. You probably just need a little more time, remember it can take perfectly healthy couples up to 2 years to conceive. If you lay off caffeine, eat healthy, get to a healthy weight, don't smoke or drink, have a lot of sex and take prenatals you can help speed things up. Good luck.



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