Cant afford fertility . . . time is running out.
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puzzled - February 1

Long story short: my bf and I have been trying for a child for the last 6months, unsuccessfully. He is going away at the beginning of March, and wont be returning for a while. I am worried that our dream of having a baby is going to go undelivered.
He has 2 wonderful sons already, so there is no doubt on his end. I am young and healthy.
Last month we tried on the "ovulation date" and then around the time my period was due, I experienced no PMS symptoms, and only very light bleeding. 3 days later I have started bleeding again. I am worried that there is really something wrong, so I have scheduled an appointment with my dr tomorrow.
I really dont know what I am looking for posting this on here, perhaps a little support. . . or hope.


Mega - February 1

Hi Puzzled. Good luck tomorrow with your dr's appt., I hope you get some answers. This is a difficult time, but this board is definitely good for some support at the very least. It's frustrating when it doesn't happen on our timeframe, but at least you're "young & healthy," that should be in your favor. I'm sorry your BF will be gone for an extended period of time, I'm sure that'll be hard. Hang in there. Keep us posted on tomorrow's appt. March is still a month away, a lot can happen in that short period of time. Good luck!


puzzled - February 1

Thanks Mega, I will definately keep you posted with what happens. Its good to know that there is a place available to "vent" about sesitive issues such as these. Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings good news! :)


Mega - February 1

My fingers' (& toes!) are crossed!!! :)


Ericka - February 2

Hi Puzzled. You said that last month you tried on your ovulation date. If you bd after your o then it might have been too late. What are you doing to try to figure out your o day. I know how hard and frustrating this ttc journey can be but you have found a good place to talk to others who are going through the same thing. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Baby Dust.


puzzled - February 2

Well . . . . the dr couldnt really tell me anything. I guess it was good to hear it from a "professional" that some women dont even ovulate once a month, and that it can now actually take up to 2years for normally healthy couples to concieve.
While that information was reassuring, it didnt really help!
So - she gave me the names of a few herbs that are supposed to help prepare your uteris for pregnancy and also the name of a book to read.
She also gave me a calendar to mark my info down on - so that incase I need some help in the future I will ahve all the info there.
I guess I just have to keep at it!
Anyway - thanks to thise that replied. Its good to know there are others in the situation too (although wouldnt it be better if we werent?!?!?!) And that support is there.
Good luck to all.



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