candida and fertility
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Saird - August 20

Hi girls, I'm hoping someone knows something about this. I have had thrush in my mouth ongoing for years. I have researched it and discovered i've had too many antibiotics, I've gone off BC pills, tried to eliminate sugar and yeast...etc, but now I"m on CD 64 and wondering if candida is affecting my fertility. Has anyone gone through the same thing or know anything about it? PLEASE HELP. Also has anyone tried threelac for candida? Thanks in advance, i'm going insane with this problem...


slowpoke01 - August 21

here is waht i have found on thrush hope it helps you out some i havent found anything that says it affects fertility though.

Who is at risk?
Thrush symptoms are more likely around the time of a period, due to changes in the acidity of vaginal discharge. It is also more likely in women who are pregnant, have uncontrolled sugar diabetes, or who use oral contraceptives. Candida often occurs after taking antibiotics which kill off the healthy bacteria, like lactobacilli, naturally found in the vagina, as this causes a bacterial imbalance, making it easier for candida to flourish.

Some women suffer repeated attacks of thrush, which is sometimes linked with low levels of iron. Iron is needed by white blood cells to make the chemicals used to destroy candida infection. If you suffer repeatedly, you should ask your doctor for a blood test to check your level of the iron protein, ferritin.


linds99 - August 21

Threelac doesn't do _hit to fix a yeast over growth problem, despite what it claims. It is more likely that you have a hormonal problem that is causing your yeast issues...if in fact it is yeast. Alot of women with hormone imbalance get more yeast infections each month too. Threelac will likely give you headaches too and is not been proven to fix your problem. I believe it is the underlying hormone problem-imbalance that is causing your fertility problems. Don't waste your time on threelac, go to your gynecologis or a reproductive endo. to get your blood levels checked. Cycle day 64??? That is wayyyyyyyyy too long for a cycle. Please go get your blood levels check for PCOS too.


Saird - August 22

Thank-you for your answers. Linds, I was thinking the same thing- I went to doc and he dismissed it- said irregular cycles were nothing to worry about...??? I never get yeast infections, only thrush in the mouth. I do think I have a hormonal imbalance. I've been temping and they are all over the place with no ovulation. Thanks for the advice- I think it's time to see someone else...


Tracy88 - August 22

I had candida in my early 20's and the things that worked best for me were changes in diet, and Nizoral with intermittent doses of Diflucan. My condition was caused by overuse of antibiotics. It took me three years to balance myself out again, but staying away from sugar, yeast, etc.... really helped the most. I also added probiotics, garlic, etc as supplements. The Yeast Connection Cookbook is awesome. Finding a doctor who believes in Candida is key.


Saird - August 22

Thanks Tracy- I believe overuse of antibitocs has been my probem too- after I had my daugher I had a c-section and a huge infection- and round after round of antibiotics- that was five years ago! I can't seem to get rid of this thiing! Thanks for your advice.



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