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maryp - January 20

Has anybody gone thru this.. today was my 1st ultrasound in ivf cycle 1st attempt.. Dr found only 1 folicle.. said it was no use,, swicth to iui set for tomorrow after ovidrel injection.. should I have insisted to continue hmg until the end? NEED YOUR HELP.. THANK YOU


Sara - January 20

Hi maryp, my 1st attempt at IUI was cancelled b/c of no mature follicles. When I had my U/S on day 3 of my cycle everything looked good, lots of little follicles and no cysts on my ovaries, plus my bloodwork was ok. Then I had bloodwork done on day 8 for my LH. On day 11 I went in for another U/S . The doctor told me my LH was high (14). She said I prob already ovulated and sure enough when they did the U/S there were no mature follicles. For now I have to do 42 days of BC pills to regulate my hormones and if that doesn't work I have to do IUI with injections or go right into IVF.
It may still work for you. I know the % is lower than IVF but who knows what may happen. Do you ovulate on your own or did you use Clomid?


maryp - January 21

Hi Sara, I did not use clomid for this IUI since I was in the middle of an ivf cycle. I was on day 6 of injections out of 10... so when Dr xxcld the ivf he prescribed one shot of ovidrel to stinulate that folicle and the day later which was Sat. I was scheduled for the iui..when I did iui today I asked the Dr to look at my file again. He gave me some hope.. since he told me that 1 folicle was a very good size... but to answer you question I have done IUI in the past and good news I have a 28th month old son.. IUI worked on our first try with clomid.. I wish you all the luck..


Tracy88 - January 21

Maryp, it just sounds like he didn't see as many follies as he wanted to that late in the game. I think it's good that he cancelled the IVF and went for IUI at that point. It makes sense to me. I hope that works and you don't have to start over with IVF. It sounds like he was happy with the quality of the follie, that there just weren't enough to warrant the expense of IVF, etc....for one good follicle. Sounds like he made the right decision to me. Try not to worry.



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