Can your BBT's be low and still be pregnant?
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nena79 - July 17

I've been experiencing inconsistencies with my cycle since i've been about 22 years old. Before then I was always pretty heavy, but very regular as far as timing. I was pregnanct twice, at the age of 19 and again at the age of 20. Unfortunately none of those pregnancies carried through.

I am on my period now but it is very very light in flowand just unlike any other period i've ever had. Not red at all, just very pinkish. Before this, my last period was in March. My GYN perscribed a medication called Metformin to me because she suspected I have PCOS and this is supposed to help regulate it and bring on ovulation and my period. I've been taking my temps but have never seen it go higher than 97.8.... These days with this blood flow I am in the 96 range. I'm wondering two things...
1. Could I be pregnant and the light pink flow i've been seeing for four days be implantation bleeding?

2. Could I be pregnant with such low BBT's? I don't know if sleeping with the air conditioner on every night could be affecting my BBT????

Anyone with any insight, please write back.....


nena79 - July 18

Anyone out there with advise???


Mega - July 18

Nena--Without seeing your chart this is just a guess but you could have a lower than normal base body temp, so the main factor I'd say is as long as after the day you thought you O'ed your temps stay pretty consistant. When you first started temping this cycle, pre-O, what range were your temps in? As for your first question re: implantation bleeding, what CD are you onnow? Have you tested yet? Maybe wait a few days & then do a test. Good luck! I wish I could be more help.



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