Can you tell me about your laporoscopy experience?
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isa - January 20

I had a review today and doc said think about if I'd like to have a lap done. If I have endo it would be very small spots (if any) we arent anticipating finding anything but it takes 2-4 months to get in so he said read about it and if I get pg in the meantime we can cancel it. I'm wondering if I should have it done, how painful is it (he said they put me out) and its day surgery and I'd have to take 3-4 days off. What are your experiences with it ?


Bubblesofjoy65 - January 20

I had a lap in 2002, They arn't to painful to be honest, just a little discomforting for a while.


isa - January 20

I just read about it on one of the sites and think it does not sound pleasant, the prep or the actual healing part. Anyone else?


Melissa - January 20

I had a lap in Sept & had a lot of endo removed. If I had to do it again I was not that bad. The only prep I had was a blood test. And then the only bad part about the procedure is getting an IV, but I am needle-phobic & survived. :) Recovery took about 4 days for me...I think the 4th day was when I stayed home by myself. You are given pain meds to take for the first few days & those make you sleep a lot. Honestly the main pain that was involved was the pressure on my shoulders from the gas that stays in you for a few days from where they "poof" up your belly. It was pretty bad, but was alleviated when I laid down. My actually surgery sites really weren't too sore...There were no stiches involved & I just had to keep a bandaid over the incision sites. You can't even see the scar in my belly button anymore and I have only 2 tiny incisional scars down lower. If your doctor thinks it will help you, don't worry over it....It was my first surgery ever & I wouldn't be afraid to go back for another. (If you're really nervous they can give you nerve meds in your iv....I got those, and drifted off to sleep before I was even wheeled into surgery....) Good luck!


Ann - January 20

I had a lap in September due to a spot they could see on my ovary during ultrasound. They found endo in several places (had no endo symptoms) as well as blood pooling in my abdomen. Two additional drs were called down while I was "under" to perform different portions of the surgery. Needless to say, my surgery was quite long. After, I had no problems and little pain from anything done during the surgery, such as the gas Melissa mentioned. However, the anesthetic made me sick for about a week after. I would do it again if I needed it.


isa - January 21

thank you Melissa and Ann for your input. I


Angie - January 21

hello, isa. I just have had my laparoscopy done on Tuesday. Yes, I am on the 3rd day of my recovery. Now I can get up on my own without pain and basically do most of things. But on the surgery day, when I got home, I had to vomit once because of all the medication they gave me (I have a weak stomach). I have 3 tiny tiny stitches besides my belly button, which is the biggest stitches and the most painful. My belly is swallen, and I am bloating. But overall, it was not as bad as I expected, and I can tell I will be totally fine by the beginning of next week. The worst part I can tell you is the time you are waiting for the surgery in the hospital. Good luck to you.


Joy - January 21

Hi all. I just had a lap done on Jan. 9 and it was not bad at all. I was really nervous the night before and cried like a baby because I thought I was going to have a lot of pain. Mind you this was my fourth surgery (second one for endo). The worst part is the IV and waiting to have the surgery because you are nervous and that is normal. When I woke up from the surgery I was fine with only mild cramps like period. I told the anesthesiologist that anesthesia made me sick and it also made me have a hard time waking up from it due to my past experiences with it. I woke up fine and they gave me medication for pain and a shot for naussea. It was not bad at all. The worst part was the second day with the gas pain in the shoulder blades but I would suggest you put a hot pad behind your shoulders and that really worked for me. The gas pains were not even that bad. They were very tolerable. I have to have another surgery in six months because they removed most of my endo, but were not able to remove the one between my intestines and the uterus because the endo was too hard and I also have it in my appendix and that needs to be done by a general surgeon. I have to go on Lupron shots to soften the endo and then go for surgery in 6 months. I think that I won't be that nervous the next time because I know what to expect from the lap. Isa, don't worry about it. I know everyone is different, but it is not bad at all, trust me. I hate pain even though I have pain tolerance. I think you should do the surgery so that you have a better chance of conceiving. Good luck and don't be afraid to do it.


Cutie - January 22

I had a laporoscopy on the 19th which has gone fine, of course I've had/have little pain. But now I can do things by myself. And yes, I had shoulder pain. I too was really scared right before surgery and cried like a child too, however it wasnt as scary as I was thinking it would be. I still have some bloating, other wise doing much better. When I got home on the day of surgery I was very nauseated and vomitted....I think it was from too much medication. Dr removed a cyst as well as adhesions, now we are hoping to get preggo :) God bless you all, and ISA dont worry its not as scary as it sounds...As soon as they put on the mask and I had to breathe 5 times...only after 3 times I was knocked out....Also they will intubate you because most of lap... procedures will last more than 45 min :) At least thats the way my doc explained. Good luck


Melissa - January 28

Hi all. I just had a Lap on Jan, 10, smoothe sailing girls. Me and my hubby tried for a year and got the ultra sound telling us that I had choclate cysts on my ovaries and Endo, so the surgery was scheduled and I was nervous but anxious, I mean I only had my wisdom teeth removed, that is the extent of my surgery history, but it went really well, it took them a while to wake me up but that was it, I just felt like the hunch back of Notre Dame, cause I was scared of the insisions, one in my belly button and 2 below, which you cant see now, but what they say about the gas is true, it felt like the body aches from a bad flu, I recommend a heating pad and lots of pillows! Hubby and I are trying already, I cant wait, and I will pray for all of us, good things happen to good people, women who want children have that instinct to be kind and sweet, so keep that in mind when you feel let down when AF comes and crashes your world. It will happen when your angel comes and lands on your shoulder, she will give you your baby which you so deserve. I hope for the best for all of you.
Good luck and have fun trying, that is the key!!!


patty - January 29

how long does the laporoscopy surgery take---and do you go home the same day ?


Angie - January 29

Hello, patty.....again. According to my husband, who talked to my RE when the laparoscopy was done, the procedure took only an hour. I was asleep for 2 hours. And, yes, I went home on the same day about a couple hours after I woke up.


MelissaV - January 29

(I posted the 1st "melissa" post) Within an hour of waking up in recovery I was drinking a Sprite & going home. I was pretty groggy, but didn't get sick from the anesthesia & was ready to get out of there! :) I think I went in to the hospital at 7am & was home by 11:30am.


Dak - January 30

Hie Isa

I had a Laparascopy on November 16 2005, it was not that bad because I was on complete anaesthesia. The Lapa revealed that my tubes were blocked, they adhered to each other so they continued to do a Laparatomy. This is where by they operated on my tubes to unblock them. I have a incision along the pubic hair line which is 15 cm long another one below the belly button which was 5 cm long. I was not comfortable four 4 weeks. Started waalking and going to work after 7 weeks. This is my second my since the operation. The cuts are not completely healed I feel discomfort sometimes. Wishing everyone of us all the best. I saw the dr doing Laparascopy but didnt see the Laparatomy due to that I was in pain when the dr attempted to start Laparatomy after the laparascopy. Good luck


Melissa T - January 30

Does anyone know of or had a story of getting pregnant right away after the surgery?


Mega - January 30

I was just going to ask the same thing Melissa T did about stories of getting PG after the lap. I'm going to call my dr today to get one scheduled. So I'd love to hear some success stories about this procedure too. In my case my dr wants me to get 1done as standard procedure before switching to injectables. Isa, what did you decide about the laporosocpy? Are you going to get it scheduled? Hopefully you'll have to end up cancelling it!


Angie - January 30

Hey, guys! I am in the middle of waiting for my first cycle after the laparoscopy. It is supposed to be due on tommorow. This is the very first time I am looking forward to having my period in all my life!! Since my husband also has some issue, my dr wants us to get one IUI without any medication. I have found many articles about the increased pregnancy rate after the laparoscopy on the internet. I hope I will hear a sucess story from y'all and I will be able to give you good news, too. Keep it posted.



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