Can you take a urine preg test 7 days post IVF
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Debbie Ofei - October 12

I was wondering can I take a urine preg test seven days post IVF or does the progestrone oil injection interfer with that.


Ann1 - October 12

The progesterone won't interfere with your results. You can take it. Good luck!


Lisa 03 - October 13

debbie ofei- I am glad you posted this question,,,today is my 7th day,,,what test are you going to take?


JenG - October 13

I would not be thinking about the progesterone, but the HCG. HCG will staying the system for 9 days, from what my RE says. I am in my first IVF, but in previous injection cycles, I did a HCG for ovulation, then a booster shot about 5 days after ovulation.


Lisa 03 - October 13

I a first responsse hpt this morning and got a BFN,,,it is day 7 after transfer, so either I am not pg or it is still too soon???


Justine1 - October 13

I wouldn't take a pregnancy test that soon as the HCG stays in your system for up to 10 days so you can get a false positive. It may well be too early to get a real positive so you could get a wrong BFN too. I was told by my clinic to take a test on the day AF would have been due. I'ld take a test on the day your clinic said to.


Lisa 03 - October 13

If the HCG is still in my system wouldn't that give a false positive not negative? I am so confused on all of this stuff, I have so much confidence in the knowledge of my friends on this board, I guess I need to be patient.


cmelissa - October 13

Hey guys, this is my 1st ivf cycle - i transfered one blastocyst. My beta is scheduled for the 21st - im nervous!! Anyways how are you guys dealing with the pio shots - they are killing me - i can barely walk, get out of bed, etc..they are horrible. I wish i would have had 2 to transfer. Tell me your story??


Lisa 03 - October 13

cmelissa, I'm right there with ya,,mine is schedueld for the 20th, the shots are going suprisingly good, if I press on my backside it is very tender, but, so far I can lay on my sides and just have very little bruising. Are you using a heating pad, if not it helps. Have you taken any hpt's?


Justine1 - October 13

Lisa - I had to do my HPT test 13 days after a 3 day transfer according to my clinic so I think 7 days after transfer is too early to get an accurate result. If you're getting a BFN then the HCG must be out of your system so if you test in a few more days and get a positive it must be for real. I never tested early but people who test 1 day early all seem to get accurate results. Hope you are pregnant.


Lisa 03 - October 13

Justine, thank you,,,you made me feel better!! ;o)



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