Can you ovulate without pos. OPK???
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Confused - March 26

I was wondering if it is possible to ovulate without a positive OPK?


Confused - March 27



kelley32 - March 27

Good question ... I'd like to know as well, perhaps if the test was faulty?


Mega - March 27

I've heard that OPKs won't register + with some women, esp. for some PCOS women, of course in that case it's hard to tell if they are or aren't Oing, since you don't O typically with PCOS anyway. So, to answer your question, it is possible that you are O without getting a + OPK. But probably not likely. I'd suggest switching methods, maybe try charting BBT or something, see if that works better. Or switching brands of OPK, maybe that'll make a difference as well. Good luck! HTH!


soimpatient - April 1

Hmmm...I'd like to know this as well...


Marie D - April 1

All I can say is that when I had my son I never got a + opk and all hpt showed negative until I reached nearly 10 weeks, so nothing is impossible and don't give up hope!


soimpatient - April 1

Thanks Marie, were you using an OPK throughout your cycle? I've been using OPKs daily and I have not even seen a faint line...control line is dark but there is no results line.


kelley32 - April 2

Well, fertility friend has detected an O date for me, it was CD 16, and I have been having steady rise in temps for the last few days (and thank goodness we bd'd that morning of predicted O!), OPK was negative from days 11-15 (although I did have a faint + on day 15), I stopped testing because I ran out of tests and refused to spend another $50 for 5 more tests. I think that I will stick to just charting temps from now on. I do not have PCOS ... ovaries and blood test have come back completely normal for me ... so I do not plan on relying on the OPKs from now on ... I think that the BBT charting is probably the best indication for me personally. Thank you MarieD for your reply, we need all the encouragement we can get. Love to all!!!



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