Can You Ovulate 2 Days After Last Pill (CD2-6)?
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Diddybubby - November 1

Hi Ladies. When is the earliest you should begin to ovulate after finishing last pill CD 2-6? I thought that this was between 5-10 days after taking last pill. Reason I am asking is that I finished last pill on Friday & had tell tale twinges left side on Saturday then the same on right side Sunday. Today is now day 5 (Wednesday) - do you think I have missed the boat this time?? Urgent advices please ladies - so confused again


linds99 - November 1

I assume we are talking clomid? I know that if you take clomid on cd 3-7 women tend to develop more follicles than women taking clomid on CD 5-9. It is possible you can be near ovulation, but it is also possible the pains you feel could be the many follicles that are developing and crowding the ovaries.


Diddybubby - November 1

linds99 - Cheers honey, I really thought that I missed out this month. Better get some action going now you have given me hope. Thanks again (ps yes I am on Clomid)


Tink - November 1

i agree with linds- it is probably just follicle 'pain'. on clomid, i always felt them growing and it was painful for a good 4-5 days, especially on my dominant right side. i always had a lot of follies (7 mature at time of o), so that is why it hurt. probably same for you? what dose are you taking? is it your first month on it?


Diddybubby - November 1

HI Tink. Yes this is my first month & I have been started on 50. This sounds exciting, like something is actually happening. Thank you Tink & Linds for your help. Anyone else out there got any info???


Tink - November 1

if you are feeling something on only 50mg, that is great. you are probably a good responder to the clomid then. i started out on only 50 as well and did 4 cycles through my gyno and responded well (no IUIs). I always had pain and could tell the follies were growing. that's a good sign! i was bumped up to 100mg for my first IUI and really felt it then. they lowered it the next time to 50mg again since i reacted so well! i always took it days 3-8 i think and always felt it right away like on day 7-8. it just got more painful---more uncomfortable than pain really, but sometimes it would hurt to move certain ways even. good luck- are they monitoring you with u/s to see the growth?


Diddybubby - November 2

Hi Tink. No I am not being monitored. It was just like 'take the pills & see how u get on' then 'come back in 2 months if nothing happens'. Pain today is actually quite unbearable - hope this is a good thing though I am not quite sure at this present moment.



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