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Bonnie - September 5

I just had a m/c very early in my pregnancy. I am just wondering if it is possible to get pregnant the next month after m/c? Will I ovulate a couple weeks after the m/c??


Lucy - September 5

Yes, 2 of my g/fs who m/c fell pregnant the month after. So it is possible! Good Luck!


Lynn - September 6

Bonnie, Last July I m/c and my oby/gyn asked me not to try the following month due to the stress your body goes thorugh during a m/c. It has been 13 months and we are still trying. Ask your doc. and make sure you feel it is the right thing to do.
Good Luck !


Kelly - September 6

Bonnie - I m/c in July really early and was told to take the month off. Aug. we had our 2nd IUI and we are now pregnant so it's possible!


D. - September 7

The ladies are right. It's possible. But also know that often a miscarriage can throw our cycles out of whack. So you may not ovulate when you expect to.



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