Can you get pregnant if.
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xSilentlySpoken - February 6

i was just wondering if you can get pregnant or ovulate if you don't have a monthly period. I have maybe 1-2 a year and was wondering if there was the posibility that I could still get pregnant... Incase anyone's wondering, I'm 22, not extremely overweight for my height (5'9 - 180) and I had my first period at 15 which lasted 10 days and have had maybe 2-3 a year since then. Thanks in advance for any information :)


RR - February 6

You may be able to get pg if you ovulate those few times you get af. However, I had the same problem and I was not ovulating so I had to go to my gyno and then an RE to ovulate and am currently on fertility meds and doing IUIs to help me get pg. I started trying at 21 but didn't seek help until I was 24 and I wish I would have looked for help sooner because I have been trying drugs for a year now and still no BFP! Good luck!


xSilentlySpoken - February 7

It seems like I ovulate every couple of months or so, though I'm not really sure if that's what it is... Kindof like junk coming out, lasts for a day or two then stops.. could just be me going insane though :)


hopeful06 - February 7

xSilentlySpoken......Have you heard of PCOS? It could be a possibility..... Be sure to ask your doctor! With so few periods, you are probably not ovulating (at least not regularly) so the chances of getting pregnant are very slim. I went to the doctor and am now taking meds---(still in the process of figuring out what works for me)...maybe you could be put on meds to regulate your cycles and induce ovulation?? Good luck!!



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