Can you get a period without ovulating?
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Thought I knew - June 7

When you get a period (and you are not on the pill, etc.), is this not a sure sign that you have ovulated?


Carrie - June 7

Not necessarily. When I went off the pill, my ovulation/periods were regular for 3-4 months and then I stopped ovulating all of a sudden. However I continued to have a period for about 3 more months even when I wasn't ovulating but then my period did stop too. I recommend using the BBT chart. It's a lot easier than people make it sound and it is an easy way to tell whether your ovulating or not. Good luck!


Jill - June 8

I've had my period every month since I went off birth control. It was late a few times, but I had it. And I haven't been ovulating for a while.


Amy - June 11

I was wondering, I have been on the Depo for 5 years and have been off it for 6 months. Can I get pregnant if I have not had my period yet? I have had a bit of bleeding, but only 2 times within 2 days and it was very light..Please help..Has anyone got pregnant after Depo and not yet received their period?


Katy - June 12

Yes you can get period w/o ovulating & visa versa.I was off birth control pills for 4 months before getting pregnant. I didn't get period for 2-3 months, but ovulated & got pregnant. also just note that you ovulate before your period.



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