Can you eat seafood while TTC
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Meighen N. - August 19

Is it true that you are not suppose to eat seafood if you are TTC?


diem - August 19

I don't see why you can't. I would stay away from raw fish just in case you are pg and don't know it.

Good luck


thayward7 - August 19

I haven't heard that. I know you should cut down on caffeine... but seafood is okay as far as I know.
- T


sarahd - August 19

You can't eat raw sawfood (i.e. sushi, raw oysters, etc.). Anything well cooked is okay.


sarahd - August 19

oops - that info is for while you're pregnant, but probably a good idea while ttc just in case!


tiff - August 19

u shouldn't eat tunna or canned tuna, shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish u should limit the intake of all other fish to 12oz per week.. ur doctor should give u the list...


tiff - August 19

I forgot to mention the reason is that some fish contain higher amonts of mercury and it can affect the dev of the nervous system of a fetus...



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