can you do anything to assist implantation ?
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evy - August 15

When its implantation time is there anything we can do to help it stick?


Lena - August 15

No, there isn't anything that we can do to assist with implantation. Relaxing and avoiding bumpy, vibrating, stressfull situations is really the best that you can do.


D. - August 15

Some herbalists believe that fresh pineapple may help. There's a substance found close to the core of the pineapple called bromelain that they believe may help with implantation. It has to be fresh pineapple and the portion at the core. But too much pineapple could cause uterine contractions which would keep implantation from happening. So what many women take is the bromelain in capsule form (you can find it at places like GNC). Another thing that may help is baby aspirin. One baby aspirin a day. Since the BA helps to keep the blood flowing and helps with possible clotting issues, it may (note I say MAY). I've met women who say it did nothing for them, and I've met women who sweat it's what made the difference. Almost all MDs will tell you that the bromelain works, but then again the same MDs were saying that Vitex didn't work until recent studies disproved that. And while many say that BA doesn't work either, every single RE I have been to has always prescribed baby aspirin for my cycles. And most of the ladies I know under the care of an RE are also told to take BA. If you do take the BA, make sure you let your doctor know since it does thin the blood and yhou don't need anything causing complications.


KellyN - August 15

My uterus lining was kind of thin, so my doc prescribed me with a progesterone supplement (prometrium) to thicken it up. Of course it will make af a bit more heavy and longer.


D. - August 15

Oops. I meant to say "Almost all MDs will say the bromelain DOES NOT work". Kelly, very true. And if the problem with the implantation is LPD (your lining starts to deteriorate too soon to allow implantation [short luteal phase]) or low progesterone the progesterone supplementation could very well help with that. Good Point!


to D - August 16

when would u start taking the BA and for how long? I've never heard this before and you have me curious


D. - August 16

My re had me start taking it the fifth day of my cycle. Then I was to take it through the first trimester. The theory behind it is that the increased blood floow prior to ovulation will help the estrogen to make the lining fluffier. Then after O it was to keep clotting at bay should that be an issue.


bev - August 16

how long do you have wet slippery mucus before ovulate?


KellyN - August 16

Bev, I usually get it a couple days before I ovulate. D, that stuff about the BA sounds interesting! I'm thinking about trying some stuff like that this time around. Do you know if BA would mix badly with clomid, hcg shot, and progesterone supplements?? I have to take those also, but am thinking about trying Robitussin and BA. -kelly


D. - August 16

Kelly, I took it while I was doing IVF (definitely involved HCG and P4) and while on Clomid with no ill effects. Its not hormonal, it's a chemical effect, so it should have no influence on your shots or clomid. I said before, make sure you're not taking any blood thinners already. Even some herbs can thin the blood. You don't want to take it to an extreme, KWIM?


tara - August 16

i thought i read that asprin when pregnant is not good but you said you would take it through first trimester. i thought only tylenol was ok?


D. - August 16

Baby aspirin only. Not full blown adult aspirin. And only one per day. Here's a good read ---
that says "One of the key parameters we monitor during a fertility treatment cycle is the development of the endometrial lining: both thickness and pattern. Our aim is to achieve a lining with a minimum thickness of >=7mm, and a trilaminar (or triple) pattern of the endometrial layers, by the day of HCG administration. For some patients, we cannot obtain this type of a lining, despite various hormonal manipulations.

For these patients, and even many without endometrial lining issues, we will typically recommend that she take a baby aspirin per day (81 mg) starting with gonadotropin stimulation. The rational for the use of baby aspirin is that on a micro-vascular level, vasodilation and decreased blood platelet aggregation occurs and therefore improves blood flow to the uterine lining, providing a lining with functional improvement. Blood platelets are the blood cells, which promote blood clotting. Two well designed studies confirm the benefit of baby aspirin use in improving pregnancy rates for patients with endometrial linings <8mm. It is important to note that the lining does not necessarily thicken with the use of baby aspirin - this is a qualitative improvement. It is also important to take only a baby aspirin, NOT a full dose aspirin. Here's another good one-----http://www.thebaby
But I keep feeling the need to say "BUT make sure to let your doctor know!!" I kept taking it under doctor's orders. And when I got pregnant without medical intervention I still let my RE know.


Pineapples - August 23

Hi D. I'm shocked to hear that pineapples are good for pregnant women!!! I'm Chinese and I was brought up believing that pineapples are infamous for causing miscarriages according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theories. My late aunt took pineapples to abort her unborn child last time. Young Chinese girls were told to abstain from pineapples (and 'Yin' food) and pineapple juices during their menstruation cos it causes uterine contractions like you mentioned, thus more painful and heavier flow. I'm not sure the diff between the core of the fruit vs the flesh. I know those GNC capsules help prevent cancer, but not sure about aiding implantation. I'll never take any chances...


Rachel - August 23

I think this just happened to me. I was 4 days late, all tests negative,had cramping the whole time but no a/f. The day before a/f was due I had spotting, 5 days later I got major cramps and a/f came. I really thought I was pregnant but emerg doc said I may have been for a couple days but it didn't take. he didn't seem overly concerned but it freaked me out. Is this common or should I go see my doctor to let her know. She had given me a lab sheet to get blood pregnancy test for the Monday but I got my a/f on Sunday so didn't bother obviously. But I wonder if it is worth going to see her and telling her what happened as she thought due to the spotting and no a/f for 4 days that I might be pregnant. Help, this worries me.


To Pineapples - August 23

Remember: It's a matter of dosage. Like I said, "But too much pineapple could cause uterine contractions which would keep implantation from happening." Anything in enough quantity can be toxic, even water. We have to keep our brains active on all matters when trying to conceive. And it's why I mentioned taking bromelain as a supplement, instead of eating the pineapple. And it's not for pregnant women. It's only to assist in implantation. And no supplements should be taken during our cycles, yin or otherwise. That should be a time of rest for our bodies.


To Rachel - August 23

Rachel, yeah, it probably would have been a good idea. Though if it was a loss, it sounds like you were very early and there was probably nothing they could do at that stage. And most docs won't test for anything until you've had three losses (some can be convinced to test after only two, mine did). They call our first and seond miscarriages a "run of bad luck". Isn't that nice? (sarcasm here). I hope you didn't suffer a loss and that you do get pregnant soon. Try and talk to your doctor and see what he or she says. They may be able to help you out more than most. Good Luck!


Rachel - August 23

What did your doc end up testing you for? Any results?
I just hope it is not a sign of problems is all. I have to go for a physical anyway so will mention it to her at that time.



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