Can you BD too often?
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Dee - February 9

Hello. According to a chart I do online I am suppose to "O" Feb. 11th. Is it ok to bd everyday until then? I think I heard that it you bd everyday it doesnt give the body enough time to accumulate enoughs sperm? What have you all heard or read?


Megan - February 9

If your DH doesn't have any issues (with his sperm quality that is) then it's fine to bd every day. If he does has a problem with his sperm quality then you should bd every 36 or 48 hours. Good luck.


MelissaV - February 9

When my doctor looked at my bbt charts, she recommended every other day instead of every day. My dh doesn't have any issues. I don't like skipping a day---it makes me feel like we're missing out on precious baby-making time during the cycle.


lea - February 9

my RE says every other day but if you dont want to go every 48 hours try every 36 hours ie: morn the one day, night the next. etc. After a few days of bd every day the count will drop. It cant indefinately continue at high numbers. Start about day 10 if you have a normal cycle and if sperm count ok then every day. If that doesnt work next month start day 10 and every 36 hours. If still not pg try every other day as my RE says. Make sure you know when you are ovulating so you can start timing it accordingly. It will become a chore if you dont get pg very fast and you are doing it every night. Do you know if his count and motility and morph are all ok? always assume you are off ovulation by a day and cover an extra couple days just in case. I know my opk's show me early and I actually ovulate 2 days later (confirmed numerous times by ultrasound) so dont assume when you get the first + you are ovulating. Mine picked up very miniscul amounts of lh and I would have assumed I'd ovulate in 24 hours and it was more like 48-60 hours later. best wishes.


Emily - February 9

I bd'ed every day when I got my bfp. Good luck.



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