Can transvaginal ultrasound see if tubes are blocked?
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cdmrose - May 6

I've been ttc with my dh for a year now, with no luck. My RE recently gave me a transvaginal ultrasound and could see my ovaries as well as the usual signs of ovulation. Could she also see whether or not my tubes are blocked with this procedure? I didn't think to ask her when I was there. I have severe monthly af's and endometriosis is in my family though I haven't been formally diagnosed with it; I'm also concerned about scarring from when my appendix ruptured a few years ago and adhered to one of my ovaries prior to surgery. The next step for me is a few hormone level blood tests (Wednesday, cd22) and a semen analysis for my dh (if I can talk him into it)...


Sonyamac - May 6

I would be asking your Dr. for a laparoscpy, and to flush your tubes....
just my thoughts..I had it done in April 05-coceived in Oct 2005, have a 9 month old and preggers again-due in Jan.
Best of Luck, Sonya


Blakey - May 6

Hi cdmrose-
I would probably have a test called HSG done. It's a test done in which they put some dye into your fallopan tubes to see if they are open, or closed. It is a pretty standard test done for most women before they undergo any fertility treatments. This way they can see the fallopian tubes, and any other problems theat might be there. Are you working with an RE yet? I also have endometrisosis, and didn't realize it until 2 1/2 yrs. ago when I had a laporascopy performed. I had gone through the protocol of having some of the test required, before undergoing any fertility treatments, and that is when they found that I had 2 bilateral endometrial cysts, so I had to have surgery to have them remeoved. At that point my OB saw that I had moderate enodmetriosis, I never knew. I had very painful periods over the yrs. especially when I was in my 20's, but never thought much of it, because my sister had bad cramps also. Anyway, I would ask about having that HSG test (to see your fallopian tubes) they won't be able to tell by u/s.

Good luck to you!


cdmrose - May 7

Congratulations on both of your pregnancies, Sonyamac! That's great news! Best of luck to you with the latest one. Blakey, yes - my sister insisted I start using her OB, and it turned out that she is actually an RE - who knew? So it is good that I'm seeing her. We'll see how the blood tests turn out this week and then we'll take it from there... Thank you both for the info. Best of luck to you, too!



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