Can the pill harm a pregnancy
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j - July 21

If im on the pill and get pregnant, and dont realize it right away, can it hurt the baby and how?


Anna - July 21

Hi j! I've always been told by my OB/GYN and read in my BC inserts that if you concieve while on the pill, there is minimal risk to the baby. Of course, there is always that slim chance that it could affect the baby, but most likely not if you get off of the BC as soon as you find out your pregnant. You should have a BC insert that comes with your med and has all of that info. Hope this helps! Good luck! ***BABY DUST***


Beth - July 21

I'm a pharmacist and there is VERY little risk to the baby if you're taking b/c while pregnant, though you should let your OB know and stop taking the medication. I've seen lots of people take B/C while not knowing they're pregant and they all have beautiful healthy babies. Hope that helps!


Lena - July 22

You should speak with your doctor before discontinuing your bc. Stopped too soon or abruptly stopped the ceasation of bc could cause a m/c.



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