Can the doctors use someone elses eggs?
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Sara Beth - November 30

I posted this questions earlier, but didn't get a lot of responses. I was wondering if I re wored the title I would get more hits. But I was wondering... My husband and are are thinking about IVF and I'm worried that I could get someone elses eggs or someone elses sperm. I think there was a Law and Order episode about it too. Does anyone else have these concerns?


me - December 1

IVF is such a intricate procedure that there is not really room for error. What you saw on tv is just that...TV. No it is not very likely that it will happen to you, and if you are concerned you can ask for a DNA sample of one of the cells as the embryo is dividing in its initial mitotic divisions before they implant them in you. However, I highly think this is worst case scenario if you can't ease your mind beforehand :) Good luck.


Harriet - December 2

I think this is a very real possiblity. How many times have you doubted maternity? Never. If a woman has trouble conceiving there maybe something wrong with her eggs. The solution would to use someone elses eggs. How would she really know?


linda - December 2

Harriet, when the baby comes out and looks like someone else.


LOL - December 2

Great point Linda LOL now that made my day hats off to you *claps*


To Harriet - December 2

Why do u always say negative & bad things to people. this poor lady is suffering & asking help to clear her doubts ...there is not need to mention that somethin' is wrong with eggs. never ever use such kinda language on the forum here.


CK - December 2

Hear! Hear! she's been all over the place stering up stuff


harriet - December 3

stiring... i think you mean stiring and not stering.


harriet - December 3

This woman is having doubts. I think it may be a real possiblity. I am merely stating my opinion. It also so happens that my opinions are backed up with facts. And I didn't say there was anything wrong with her eggs. Reread my first reply, "If A woman has..." I merely presented a hypothetical problem to her question, which was vague to say the least.


beth - December 3

to harriet-just what I thought...too much time on your hands. go take an underwater basketweaving class or something. You would be much more productive with your time.


harriet - December 5

Actually I teach the class on underwater basketweaving.


# - December 5

Then maybe next time you go under you need to leave the mask off


me - December 8

now ladies, lets be adults. There are HUGE legal repercussions on this so why woudl anyone like a dr do something like this just to do it? DNA samples can be done if you are really that concerned beofre they implant the embryo in the womb. No worries! Good luck!


d - December 8

there's always a never know in this crazy world, but like"me" said, i'm sure they can do dna testing before implanting the embryo.
and to harriet~i think you should keep your comments to your self...nobody wants to hear the negativity that you seem to be spreading everywhere in these forums. and i dont know where you get all of your facts from, but you're not a dr so stop acting like you know everything-because if you did know everything you'd be a dr, and you wouldn't be coming in here trying to pretend you're one by giving everyone advice about what they should be doing.



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