can't get pregnant-since IUD removal-HELP!!
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Jenny - July 1

Hi, I am 27 I have 2 kids (7 and 5), I had the copper IUD inserted last year , may "04" and had it removed Jan"05", I had nothing but problems with it, I bled like crazy, the pain would drop me to my knees, I kept getting infections, till finally I had it, and got it removed.Since January of this year (6 months now) i have been trying to get pregnant, with no luck.Is the IUD linked to infertility? I never had a problem getting pregnant before. :(


mea - July 2

I had the copper t iud from June 2003 to March 2005. I was able to get pregnant but it ended in a m/c. I too had heavy bleeding, and pain. I never had an infections though. I too had no problems with getting pregnant before the iud, but it seems like I am running in to problems now. Did the leangth of your cycles change? Mine did. They say that the iud is safe and you should have no problems ttc. But maybe since you had infections it is making it harder. I would ask your doc.


Jenny - July 2

I had longer periods with the IUD.and the infections I had were from the insertion, I blame the doctor.I am in a marriage of 8 years now, and no cheating, ya know?plus when they removed it, I was in terrible pain, and when he left the room, my hubby looked in the biohazard can, and examined the IUD, it had pieces of my insides attatched to it, and it was green.sorry if too much I told my new gyno, and he said it should not of looked that way, my body just didnt want it in, or when he put it in maybe he peirced my cervix.I dunno, all I know is I am so sad that I cant get pregnant:(


Heather - July 5

I had the IUD Mirena, which I just loved. One of the side effects is almost no periods. A panty line was more than enough for me. I've never been very regular but on Mirena I was more regular than ever. I wish I would have taken my temp to be positive I was ovulating. I had it put in May 02 and taken out in Dec 04 due to other medical problems and my husband and I are not preventing pregnancy but my cycles are very off. I would imagine the IUD does throw off the balance of the uterus. I would certainly ask a good midwife. But if you need to prevent pregnancy again. Try the Mirena, it lasts for five years and your period just may go away but you still have your natural hormones. I wish you good luck in getting pregnant.



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