can't get pregnant also is there risks
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Donna - June 20

I am 37 years old and had 4 children third child twin loss now I want another before my time is up to ever have children.Problem is for 3 years now I'm not on no birth control no pertection at all I thought It was because my boy friend has a lump in one of his texicles and verry large I asked the doctor he says sperm is lazy and another doctor I asked can he still have babies where he has a lump that doctor says he still can make them.So I wonder If there is something wrong with me but I do no one other thing I had tests ran on me an ultrasound done do to discomfert pains and verry sharp when tests came back I have a tumer on the lining of the uterin wall and doctor said the tumer was not serious.Before I keep continuing trying for another baby is there risks where I have a tumer on the lining of the uterin wall and why before I got pregnant 4 times and I got pregnant in no time my last child I had was nine years ago stoped birth control 3 years ago do to worries of cancer and I had problems with precancer cells and getting surgery done and still getting pap smear done every 4 months.So what is wrong with me I can you help also there was also another miscarage before my forth child was concieved also I keep active doing lots of stuff including lifting where as my mom has a bunch of miscariages could it be I could be pregnant and not knowing it half the time and losing the fetus. please write back



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