can't get pregnant after abortion, help!!
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bev - June 29

I had to have an abortion a year ago because of harsh medical complications. ever seince then, I've been trying NON STOP!!! I can't figure out wats going on. I miss my period for a month and then it comes unexpectidly!! I get excited than shot down!! Any thoughts? What could be wrong with me???Does it take time to conceive after an abortion??? PLEASE HELP!!!


Drew - June 30

Hi Bev, I had a miscarriage that required a d&c. I was told that these procedures can cause scarring of the vagina and cervix, which may cause trouble conceiving. Also maybe your medical conditions are aggravating your hormones. At any rate you should see a doctor just to make sure everything is ok. Good luck!! :)


bev - June 30

thank you...if there is anything wrong, would it be fixable??


Angie - July 15

I don't know for sure yet. but waiting on test . I have been told there is a high chance the baby has a chromosone problem . And if so the baby will be a still born . Or eventually I will have a miscarriage. I been told to get an abortion in my fifht month . Which I am in agony about . But I have been told my next pregnancy should be fine .That I would still be consider high risk though . My question is how long do I have to wait to try and get pregnant again . Either after miscarriage or abortion



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