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andrea - March 5

I have been on clomid50 mg for 7 months now, also had 3 failed iui's. I keep asking my doctor to put me on hmg or fsh injections or something else with or without the clomid - her answer always is no that I dont need it, but after ttc for 21 months I am still childless. Sadly my cycle started again and I am now on cd2, I dont know what to do, I dont think I should keep taking the clomid but my doctor does not seem to want to prescribe me anything else.
Your advice and support is very needed/welcomed


jg - March 5

Are you able to get a second opinion? I would if I were you. Your doctor may be completely correct in what she is saying, but if you are worrying about it then it could be detrimental to your stress levels and so would not help in TTC. Good luck Andrea.


DD - March 5

I also think you should get a 2nd opinion. I thought, and I'm no doctor, that a person should only take clomid for about 6 cycles before moving onto something else. Maybe your dosage needs to be increased. Good Luck.


Tracy - March 5

Change doctors immediately!!!!! No doctor should have you on clomid for that long. If a woman is not pg by the end of her third month on clomid, the odds of conceiving on the drug lessen with each month thereafter.


Jaqi - March 5

get another doctor! your doctor is an idiot!!! Run as fast as you can!!!! Run,Run!!!


BW - March 6

I would also suggest getting another doctor. You are obviously getting nowhere with this one and it is your life and is just wasting your time.


Lynn - March 6

Have you thought about changing doctors? Maybe a second opinion. Is this an OB or RE not prescribing something different. If your still at an OB, maybe you should discuss a referral to an RE. RE's are usually the ones prescribing injectables due to the amount of monitoring. Keep in mind.....your doctor works for you...if your not happy with results....get someone new to work for you.



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