can someone please answer my question
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janeadebs - February 12

my Dr put me on clomid in january for five days after my period which is day 5-9.i think i ovulated on the 13th day and after that i experience bleeding on the 21st night this is different from spotting that i usually have.but the red blood only lasted for about some minutes because i only wiped it.i would like to know if this is an implantation bleeding or not because i have not had any symptons yet.


tonyaandjoe - February 13

it could be or it could mean that you are about to get your AF.


janeadebs - February 14

i;m now on day 26,yesterday i was suffering from abdominal painwhich is day 25 when i visit the loo i wiped another blood this is not my period because my period always starts with heavy and painful breast but now i have no pain my breast just abdominal pain.has anyone experience this before.


luve - February 14

it could be implantation..but you shld see your dr. or call them to be sure. Dont stress out because that is not going to help the will stress u out. it will work out. but call your dr. if you worry yourself sick...


Bahootie - February 16

Clomid really changed my cycles! It made them much longer, I too had spot bleeding around the 21st day and my breasts never hurt before my period. I always hoped it was a sign but unfortunately it wasnt. If you are on day 27 I would just go for an early pregnancy test.


janeadebs - February 20

i'm now on day 32 with no painful breast and abdominal pain i just feel normal i took a test on day 28 which came negative i want to wait for another 1 week and take the test again.i hope that will be possitive.because my period is always on time day29 to 34.i will get back to you ladies on whatever happen.


baby1234 - February 20

Good luck!


janeadebs - February 22

day 34 still negative test. should i wait for some days or i should see my doctor



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