can someone help me???? christine, vi
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maria - December 17

i am 33 yrs. and want another baby. i have 3 and my youngest in 8. i have not had sex for almost a yr. i started back up on dec. 1st. and have been haveing sex everyday. the last time i got my period was oct. 29th (that was the first day) but remember that i have not had sex until the 1st of dec.!!and then i did not get it until the 10th and the 11th of DEC. but i only got it for 2 days than started back up having sex on the 12th of dec. and its been every day sometimes 3 times a day,. today is the 17th and for the passed few days my brests have been very very tender and ichy around the nipples. can any one help me out . oh and i do not get my period on time every month it comes when it feels like it . so when am i suppost to know when i am ovulating.???help please just need to know what is going on. never had this problem with my other 3 kids. is it my age??????


kerry - October 10

hi! im kinder in the same situation myself,if my boobs dont cool it i wont have any left to scratch(haha) my periods are never regular so i never realy know when im ovulating. Ive already 1 child i had him when i was 19,he is now 2 so at first i thought if i ever get preg again id know what to expect, but with my first i didnt have any problems with my breasts, the thing is i am now 4 days past my "period was suposed to start" i have other symptoms such as cramps bk ache getting up early in mornin to go to the loo nausea(abit)i feel bloated and so on,i want to take a test but scared incase i get disapointed its happened many times before. i dont think your age has anythink to do wid it, it can be quite normal for this type of thing to happen as its your skin stretching as yor breasts get bigger or somtimes it can happen before your due on your period.your still young so your age shouldnt affect when you get pregnant every pregnancy is different. good luck!!! and hope everythink turns out ok for you:0)



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