can someone help me?
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edna - July 20

hi my name is edna and im trying to get pregnant? my period isnt regular, i stoped haveing my period for a year, i went to the doctor and he gave me birthcontrol pills for 3 months, my period came the first month and thats when i got pregnant, i didnt know that i was pregnant so i took the other pack for the 2 month and thats when i lost my baby. i lost a baby 1year and 3 months ago,my period came regular after that but then it stopped again and i went to the doctor and he told me that i had zizts in my overys. he gave some pills so my period can start but it only comes when i take those pills. i want to get pregnant what should i do?


Michelle - July 20

Hi Edna, I'm sorry about your loss. Have you told your dr. all of your health issues? If he doesn't address the problem (which it's hard to tell what he is doing), I would try another doctor and get a 2nd opinion. From your posting, it doesn't sound like he's really addressing the problem. If you stopped having your period for a year, there is something not right. I would be really concerned. How did your doctor know you had cysts? Did he do some sort of exam on you? I would find out if getting them removed is something you should be looking at. Good luck to you.



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