Can someone give me an answer
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anonymous - October 14

I been trying to get pregnant for the last two months and i havent't gotten a positive result. i think it's weird because when i was trying to conceive with my son the very first month i got pregnant it has been now about one year and a half that i gave birth to him. I just want to know if either i have a problem or does my husband have the problem?


t - October 14

no one can answer that. You can have what is called secondary infertilty but it is way too early to tell. I got pregnant the first month with my daughter and now I am on month 9 ttc this time. I would bet eventually you will get lucky. Be patient and use an opk.


me - October 16

Unfortunatley when people have their first baby without even trying they assume that they can do it again with no problem. This is not necessarily the case. If you are having problems after 6 omnths toa year go to an RE to help you. Both of you need to get tested to see what the real problem is. Good luck.



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