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kim - May 31

ive been told that you do have to pay money to have a hsg and all the other tests done when you first see the gyn, ive been on a 6month waiting list now for 2months and im getting very worried about paying for all these tests because when i spoke to my gp he never mentioned money, some kind woman out there please reply to my message, im gettin really worriedxxxxxx kim


Deb38 - June 1

Kim, I work for an insurance company so the first thing I would do is see how much your insurance will pay for it. Most of the time you can call the customer service # on your card and tell them the exact procedure codes and they will tell you exactly what they will pay and what your infertility limit is. Some states are mandated not to deny services so I would also check that. then ask your doctor is you can do a payment plan. Let me know what you find out and maybe I can answer another question for you. Lots of luck. ;-)


Drew - June 1

Hi Kim, I'm from Canada so I dont pay for my tests, but I have heard that Planned Parenthood may cover some expenses. I don't know for sure, but maybe that is something to look into? Good luck!


kim - June 2

deb38, thanks very much for that deb, im really confused and frustrated i called a life insurance company they told me theres nothing available for me, i dont have insurance and i wasnt planning to get it so is there any other way around this???? i would really appreciate your help. kimxxxxx


kim - June 2

drew, thanks for posting back, how can i get in touch with this planned parenthood???? your very lucky to live in canada to get it free, babydust to youxxxxxx


Melissa - June 2

I had two hsg tests. The cost is around $800 each, but this is a very high cost -- insurances pay what is usual and customary, which is around $250. Do you have insurance?
The greatest thing about HSG test is that it cleans the tubes, the uterus from debris accumulated over time, and lubricate them too. I got pregnant right after my second one (the first one was not done right)


kim - June 2

to melissa, thankyou for that info, no i dont have insurance and i wasnt planning on getting any either is there other ways to do this??? maybe i could just pay cash?? do you know the prices for a laparoscopy and other tests that include seeing if your tubes are blocked?? please reply xxxx


Drew - June 3

Kim, I dont really know how to get ahold of them, I just know a couple of ladies I used to talk to from the US had mentioned them. Maybe try a search on the net for one near you. Good luck!


Robyn - June 3

Kim- I also have had an hsg and conceived a month later after trying for 13 months. As far as a laparoscopy, this will fing endometriosis on the outside of the uterus and tubes which usually won't effect pregnancy. Also it is more invasive and expensive. go with the hsg. If you have been trying for awhile then this procedure could be a blessing.


Kelly - June 3

Kim, do you live in USA? Just curious as to the waiting list you are on. Do you have insurance? Why did you think that you would not have to pay money for all the tests? Every test that I have ever had done is extra, including bloodwork. I would call your gp's office and ask. They would probably know even if they are referring you. Also, they can usually bill you or allow you to make payments. When you call ask them all of that. I really hope this helps you and best wishes. Please try not to worry, it will all work out! :)


Lynn - June 3

Kim- I just found this wibesite and your question caught my eye. I just had an hsg done three days ago. My doc made an appointment for me within a couple of weeks. Before I went for the procedure I called my insurane with the CP code and they said it was only covered if medically necessary so my doctor billed it saying I was having pelvic pain when this really wasn't true. I have a great doc but you might ask if s/he would bill it as necessary. Good luck


kim - June 3

lynn thanks for your advice, whats a cp???? and to kelly i live in England and im on sick benefits for depression so i will need to talk to my gp to see if i can make payments thanx to all who replied its good to hear from people who have gone through the same xxxxxx


kim - June 3

hello all, ive had good news.............. no im not preg but i spoke to an insurance company earlier and ive been told i dont need to pay 4 none of the tests as im on NHS and im also on the waiting list, im lucky really im so relieved the money issues were really starting to worry me, but thanks to all the girls who gave me brill advice and good luckxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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