Can pregnancy occure with a prog. level of 4.6 at 7 dpo?
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Becca D - November 15

Hey guys - I went in to get my progesterone checked 8 days after I got a positive OPK. For me my positive OPK was on day 18....I have a luteal phase defect. I was to start my progesterone the day I got my levels done, just in case I could be pregnant. I started it lastnight, got the results today. I also have had a history of an elevated prolactin, which I've treated many times in the past. I was actually on dostinex when I got pregnant with my son who is now 6. I have some how managed to get pregnant twice in the past year with no medication, but miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks and at 10 weeks...

My doc has asked me to stop my progesterone and start my parlodel (which I've also taken in the past for elevated prolactin). I just wonder though, could I actually be pregnant with that low level of progesterone?? Shouldn't I wait and see? My period is to start on Thurs....has anyone else been thru anything similar to this? Your answers would be greatly appreciated.


Bump - November 16



Mega - November 16

According to one site I found (Fertility Plus), a prog. level of 5 or above 7 DPO indicates ovulation. You're close, but not quite at that level. So you possibly did ovulate this cycle like the OPK said you did. (I don't always trust OPKs, but that may be my personal bias since I have PCOS.) Now, it also said prog. levels don't predict pregnancy, so yes it's technically possible to be preg with a low progesterone level & not be preg with a higher level. Unfortunately, I guess all you can do is wait & see. Good luck. Please come back & update us. I'm always curious about prog. levels & preggo results too. HTH!


Becca D - November 16

Hey thanks Mega....yeah I started researching online to see if it's possible to conceive with a level that low. My doctor told me it indicates ovulation, but poor ovulation. I'm wondering, has my ovulation always been poor?? Is that why I miscarried the last two times. I have taken to $ store preggo test....they both have some sort of faint line, but it's hard to tell the color of them. I'm thinking it's just evaporation lines.....I'm very crampy at this point, so I believe AF is just around the corner. Why does ttc have to be so difficult and tug on your emotions so much. It's a very trying time.....trying on my emotions that is. I'll be 32 next son just turned 6, I feel like I'm running out of time to have a nice close knit family. When I do get pregnant, they are going to be soooo far apart -


Mega - November 16

You're welcome. With your history of m/c, I'd think it was quite possible the low prog./poor quality ovulation was the cause of that. I'm sorry about your m/c by the way. You're so right, ttc is a very rough process, it's quite the roller coaster. Much more so than I expected. I'm TTC #1, it's been around 15 mos. for us. I can't help thinking if I got pg right away, I'd have a 4 mos. old right now. At least we have our fur baby though. :) I'll be 31 in March, & I'd had it in my head that I would be pg by the time I turned 30. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Oh well, my new goal is by Christmas time. I figure if I keep setting "deadlines" eventually I'll hit one! Has your dr suggested Clomid or something like that to improve the quality of your ovulation? That might help. Anyway, good luck & I hope we both get that BFP real soon.



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