Can pill stabilize my hormones?
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Sovi - September 5

Had my last official normal period on June 17 and then on June 19 had my first ever Depo shot, though I was already having trouble conceiving. I was suppose to go in for my 2nd Depo shot some time this week since this is the 12th week for shot. But instead I started taking Alesse, the pill, on Sept 3. I was wondering...will the pill stabilize my body's hormones? I want to try to have a baby in a couple of months so I want to know will the pill assist in stabilizing my body. THANKS SO MUCH!! Wish me luck


Saird - September 5

I've heard other people take the pill to stabilize hormones. I honestly don't know if it works or not- I hope someone else answers you, I've wondered this myself. Why were you on the shot?



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