can ovulate on period or during pregnacy?
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adam_khrys - August 11

question is, my cylce is usally 25/26days, but this month it came 5-7 days early but very light an kinda brownish color, the ovulate test say im not o'ing and my prd only lasted 3.25days but usually its 7. so is there a chance to be pregnant and nego test and can you ovulate on your period or while pregnant?
me and my husband have been trying for 7 months and we had a miscarriage but want to try again being we thought god thought we werent ready yet.


to adam_khrys - August 14

I dont want to get your hopes up but that sounds like implantion bleeding very light and come before your period its a sign of being pregnant you can google the word implantion bleeding for more info Good LUCK



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