Can Ovarian Cysts prevent pregnancy?
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sara - October 3

Does anyone know if you have cysts on your ovaries, can you still get pregnant? I never had any problems getting pregnant with my 1st 2 children(I got pg within the 1st month) but now I have been having problems with cysts on my ovaries and we have been ttc for 4 months now.Anyone have any info or have the same problem?


Mega - October 3

I think if you have a big enough cyst it can prevent ovulation therefore making pregnancy impossible. Obviously. I'm in a similar situation, I think. I have PCOS, and my dr is always finding little cysts on one or both ovaries. Anyway, I had a u/s last week & my RE discovered a rather decent sized cyst on one of my ovaries, & it's been like 50 days & AF is still not here and I'm definitely not PG. So, I believe the cyst is keeping me from bleeding. My hormone b/w all came out normal. Weird! However, that's not to say you couldn't ovulate normally with a few tiny cysts on your ovaries. And of course in that situation you could get pregnant. Have you been diagnosed with PCOS? Good luck with #3. Baby dust! Hope this helps!


Lena - October 3

An ovarian cyst can prevent pregnancy. Cysts are a vert common cause of temporary infertility and delayed menstruations. (can't tell you how many posts there are here from women who have are 2 weeks late with a bfn - probably a handful each week) Depending on the type of cysts, your doctor may be able to treate with hormones.


geegee - October 3

i was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst about one month ago and it is 10mm big. i have never been prego in which i want to very bad. I am going to have laproscpopic surgery in one month and together with a HSG. MD says that a cyst does not prevent pregnancy. My blood work did state that my prostergone is little low. I am scared. Good Lcuk : )


Amy - October 20

Try reflexology. I had a painful ovarian cyst and just before I went to have everything taken out, I took a friends suggestion and tried reflexology. What a wonderful experience during the session, soooo relaxing, but that night I woke to a sharp pain in that area and then it just went away. Monday when I went in for a pre-operation test, the Doc's said it was gone and the pain has never come back. Reflexology works! Good luck.


nina - October 20

yes i have the same problem exactly the same.I have been trying to concieve for 6 months now


Tracy - October 21

I have PCOS and have small cysts that come and go on both ovaries, but along with that I have a dermoid cyst on my right ovary. I go to a new doctor tomorrow to talk about plans and the results from the MRI I had to get a good look at my ovaries. I have been off the pill since May... still no period and definately not pregnant. VERY SAD and frustrating.



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