can ne1 help?
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grug - May 5

me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for the past 8 mnths the last couple of months my period has been late but has come. this months period was due on april 11 and ive only had my period today 5 of may im really light to? i have done a pregancy test a cheap homestore one and it said negative? what could be the problem that im not conciving? thanxs g xx


Harry - May 5

You should have sex more often.


mls - May 5

Harry you're a pig! Nobody needs to come on her and get smart ass comments! To GRUG ** If af was due on the 11th of April and you've just recently tested that should be an accurate depiction of weather or not you are creating hcg. With you actually starting today it could have just been stress that made it light. Has there been a change in anything? Do you chart your temps?


jenn l. - May 5

harry real smart answer,right, pig!



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